Monday, June 05, 2006

The True Meaning of DK

DK = Double Knit

So I have been working on lovely French Vanilla for WEEKS - WEEKS I tell you. Now...I did have to frog about 5 inches of work... because I was an IDIOT (I twisted when I joined DUH!)...that was painful, but needed and hey I am still learning right? RIGHT?? LOL Well I am about 6" up the piece now with the folded hem so it is moving along but I have 4 more diamonds up to go and I am only thru ONE of them maybe...there are FOUR FOUR I TELL YOU - Did I say FOUR! Man I am suppose to be amazing with this and finish it for the Amazing Lace, but I doubt I will be too Amazing. I just hope I can wear this THIS summer!!!! At this rate I will be done in SEPTEMBER! NOOOOO
But overall I DO like this project. It is worked in the round which I LURVE (stacese for love a lot) - I am even looking at converting other patterns into just working in the round aka w/o side fact I was thinking of doing that for this pretty:

But alas I CHICKENED OUT! I really REALLY LURVE this so I did not want to mess it up. I know I AM A FOOL, but it should be okay...I *NEED* to learn how to seam up right? So I this weekend I cast on for this to give myself a little break. This is knit in Rowan Cotton Tape and It is a rather speady knit. I am 1/2 way up the back already. Now I DID frog about 5 inches of work because I did not like how I did the increases. I was doing M1 but it called for kfb/inc which was to be done on the end of the row vs. doing 1 stitch from the end like I was. So I ripped her out and started over. I am about 6.5 inches up the back now. It is DEFINITELY a faster knit then little Miss French Vanilla.

These little lace projects are encouraging me to try some more difficult lace projects. I have a few that I am debating. I will probably go pick up some yarn tomorrow to try a pattern I saw on the crystal palace site to help prep me for a design that I will leave you with a picture:

Friday, June 02, 2006

The AMAZING Lace Intro...

Yes you DO have to exaggerate the AMAZING when you say that. Without further ado we have FRENCH VANILLA!

The background on team French Vanilla...
The owner of the team has been DYING over this top since she saw in a little preview on the website. I MEAN DYING! We are not sure if she likes her tiny little hips or how cute this piece is, but this team is a GO! This is the owners first adventure with lace, and lets hope it is AMAZING!

Me – Stacy Z – doing what I do when I am not knitting…cleaning! And being a general brat.

General Manager:
Interweaves Bonita Pattern in Summer 2006

Team Captain:
Plymouth Sisters Set Size 5 24"
Starting Lineup:
Sirdar Denim Tweed DK in the color Starling which happens to look EXACTLY like French Vanilla Ice Cream Flecks and ALL! YUMMY!!!!

Bruiser – sure to rip this out and teach mommy why we need lifelines at SOME point during the adventure.