Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I just sent the rough draft Dee for review...

Off to take pictures, and schedule a hair appointment.

WOW my fingers literally HURT.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Friend & New Book

So on Friday I went down to Littleton to hang out with my new friend who I met back in November Nachaele. Nachaele is so nice and she is one of those people you feel good just to be in her company. I cannot wait to hang out again. Here is a picture of us from Friday night:
Yesterday DH showed up with part of my valentines gift. I told him I wanted the Rowan mag and yarn for a project from there custom dyed by my friend Dee. Right now I am looking at a few projects and I cannot decide. Here are the top contenders. There are two projects in Calmer that I love but those I will be buying the real yarn...these I am in debate on which one to choose.

I am really in debate on which one to select. I am leaning to the two on the left (well leave the tails off the one in the middle) I am thinking for the Lords (the first one on the left) a soft pale pink silver color. The middle pink and you can tell I love pink and silver.

Well lil' man is in naptime. I am navajo plying some malabrigo to make one of the bulky knits in the new book Fitted Knits. I have to say I LURRVE this book. Well gotta get plying before he wakes up he loves to play with the yarn when I navajo ply and needless to say it is slightly

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Necessity V Luxury

When I first started knitting I saw the yarn store lovingly put my skein of yarn on this large thing they called a swift and wind it into a ball for me. It looked pretty neat, but definitely an expensive tool just needed by the yarn store. No way would I ever NEED one of those.

Well today put me over the dark end and I just ordered myself on of those little luxuries. What put me over the dark you should be sitting down for this. You should have a nice drink in your ready? This is cashmere remember:

The other half of the skein was here nice and safe:

And 2 Hours Later...

Obviously someone thought this was really hilarious!

At the end of it all we do have puppy love: