Saturday, December 23, 2006

On the Horizon - Frost Jacket

Frost Cardi
Originally uploaded by Adore_One.
Last week The Knitting Professor was kind enough to meet me on campus so I could pick up a bag of Malabrigo she had for me. I honestly thought I would be knitting the simple v-neck from Glampyre with this, but upon receiving this yarn it seemed to be calling for something else to me. Something to wrap me up warm and cuddly. I was looking through Knitting Nature and I came back to the Frost Jacket. I have not seen this knit around the blogosphere much less on the KN kal. I still think this will be a perfect knit for what I am looking for and my SAHM lifestyle I have now. It seems warm and cuddly and can throw over my usual t-shirt and jeans. So expect to see this along the horizon. I am pretty much done with Christmas knitting/spinning. The VERY small amount I now we will return to our regularly scheduled program of selfish Stacy knitting/spinning.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Jewelry in the Snow???

Well I love to take pics in the snow...I should say I love to take pics in CLEAN snow. It has such a perfect whiteness about it and sparkle all at the same time. Now I have only thus far taken pictures of yarn in the snow, but today when I was having a Friday Fiber photoshoot I thought I would try to take some pics of some new jewelry designs that I have been coming up with.

These are designs I had created these for a jewelry show I was in before Thanksgiving, and they were a great success. I call them "Simplicity" because they are a simple design with different gemstones dangling from hand hammered rings. Each piece is interchangable and you can buy the drops separate from the necklace. The chunky designs are crocheted wire. I have been doing this design for years, and it is always a great success at shows. In fact a design similar to this was selected by a magazine a while back before I started really blogging, that was very exciting. I will definitely keep people updated here and I will be posting a few on Etsy . I will be a new seller there basically selling items from what I call the "Jewelry Box" this will be an online trunk show. With little toddler I find that I cannot keep up with custom orders and will only be selling items I have already made. I think Etsy will be perfect for that, please keep your eyes open.

Here are some pics of the designs. I have found that snow is not as great for jewelry as it is for fiber, but here is a bit of eyecandy for you anyhow.

I REALLY need to have my jewelry picture studio set up here! DH and I were suppose to do that on Wednesday...ummm yeah so that did not happen. In January I will be finishing up some tutorials for a new jewelry tutorial site so this is a definite must do upon our return. Absolutely imperative. That and finishing up the cabinets. Turns out they will be put in right when we return. My father will be here to help and then he will put in the floors. I cannot even explain how happy that makes me. Honestly, I would take before pics, but I am rather embarrased about how horrid the situation is.

Speaking of Etsy: I will also start selling handspun yarn with my friend Heather. So I will definitely keep everyone updated on that adventure. Her (well now our) company for that is called Rasa which is sanscrit for "to feel". We use only non-toxic dyes and currently are starting out with Falkland wool which is absolute heaven. The sheep are treated very well and are not exposed to chemicals and such. I cannot wait for our big bump of wool to get here so we can REALLY get started.

Friday Fiber

I have a few items that were done last week and this week...unfortunately last weeks finished drying on Saturday so I could not make it for Friday Fiber over on's Spinning board. Check it out it is great eye candy. Very inspiring to say the least.

Dark Pink merino/silk 80/20 blend

Plum Corriedale Ply w/Mohair/Angelina Thread (handspun as well)

Corriedale w/Red Locks

This weeks batch taken in the snow courtesy of the blizzard we just had here in Colorado.

Chocolate Covered Cherries

I have not had a chance to wash/set the following. This is my first venture with a thinner yarn. I was going for sock weight yarn to give to my friend for Christmas...if I am going to see you in the next week DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE LADY!!!!!!!

Green Goddess

I have some FO's to show before we head out. Also took some pictures of jewelry. The snow is not quite as great for jewelry as it is for yarn...

Oh and thank you Kristi for suggesting the Yarn Museum. You can now see my yarn among many other amazing spinners in the Yarn Museum!

Swear Warning

Dear Fuckhead:

I know your job sucks ass right now. But being a dick to me while I am trying to get my husband, baby and I to California for Christmas is not really fucking cool. I don't need your sighs, attitude or you telling me there are "a million and a half people trying to get out of Denver right now" - NO SHIT!?! If you were not doing something for me I would of told you no shit sherlock. I have fucking snow to our waist on our porch that we had to dig and we cannot drive fucking anywhere. I am looking at this shit while you are in Dallas at your office for Amer*can A*rlines (if you wonder why there are * well - see Cara's post from yesterday) So stop being a dick. I have to fly with a baby by myself on Christmas with no Christmas dinner or shit. So yeah - FUCK YOU!

Thank you and have a nice day.

Stranded Stacy

Thursday, December 21, 2006


We are stuck. Our flight has now been canceled and as of this minute we cannot get on another flight until the 27th. All our Christmas stuff is in California - no tree, no presents...but at least we are all healthy.

Hell I got my present - LOL! I must go spin spin spin

Sunday, December 10, 2006

First Yarn Ever!!!!!!

Originally uploaded by Adore_One.
I am so enamoured by my new wheel!!! Here is the first skein of yarn I ever did. I was going for something chunky and funky and I think I succeeded :)

This photo I took outside on the snow, and I have not got my camera down yet after being "lost" (a.k.a. in DH's Sirius box...why - who knows ask him!) for almost 6 months with the move. I need to learn about it once again! Well I did adjust the white balance, but that was all. The colors are very true to real life now.

I would love to hear your thoughts!!

Off to figure this camera and take more pics I have a ton of FO's to capture! I will also be a part of a new jewelry tutorial website put together by eni oken in the new year. So I will be working hard taking those pics and putting the tutorials together. I will share more soon!

eta: On Kristi's suggestion I just submitted this to the Yarn Museum - Cross your fingers for me!! Thanks Kristi! :)

My New Pretty

The wheel is here, and although I have not taken the photos of her that she deserves I wanted to share with you a picture of the hand-painting she has:

now I need to name here...any suggestions? A post with my first skein is coming up real soon :D

Monday, December 04, 2006

Sneaky Feller


DH grabbed it at the door without me seeing...I have NO idea when that was except maybe when I was in the shower...but he grabbed it and put it in his office...probably laughing at me while I peaked out the window every two minutes!!!!!

OFF TO PUT MY NEW TOY TOGETHER!!!!!! It is sooo purty....oh and it is Special Edition #5 - which no one here knows this, but my nickname for a few years was #5...its a good story I'll share later.


As I sit here waiting and waiting and looking out the door and refreshing UPS then looking out the door again then waiting and waiting for my wheel to get here!!!!!!

DH/B SWEARS he will find the camera tonight...I am preparing other posts in word to post as soon as I get the pics for them! Two of them include free little hat patterns :) EASY Holiday preses!!!!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Does UPS Deliver on Saturday?????//

Because this was my update...

Package Progress
Location Date Local Time Description
CO, US 12/02/2006 1:46 A.M. DEPARTURE SCAN
CO, US 12/01/2006 10:01 P.M. ARRIVAL SCAN

Maybe hitting refresh does make the driver drive faster!!!

It is snowing again like mad what a perfect stay in and spin day!!!!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Watched Pot...

Will never arrive!

Type: Package
Status: In Transit - On Time
Scheduled Delivery: 12/04/2006
Shipped to: BOULDER, CO, US
Shipped or Billed on: 11/29/2006
Service Type: GROUND
Weight: 22.40 Lbs

Package Progress
Location Date Local Time Description
11/30/2006 11:18 A.M. DEPARTURE SCAN
11/30/2006 3:22 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN
11/30/2006 2:38 A.M. DEPARTURE SCAN
11/29/2006 9:30 P.M. ORIGIN SCAN

Does refresh make the package come faster???? What if I mapquested it then I could figure out exactly where my little wheel was at all times. I am just kidding...kind of

So knitting content has been about the gifts yesterday and today:
Right now I am knitting the Rose and Wine Mitts (shown above) from Interweave in Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn colorway below for lil' R's preschool teacher. I think she will love this color, and I know she will appreciate the handmade gift.

I also joined stranded knitting and have two projects. The endpaper mitts that I am doing in a deep plum koigu and a light aqua color that I got for december posh sock club. I bought needles and everything only to realize that the ribbing is done with size 0 grrrrr I mean how much of a difference will it really make? I mean really? I know I will hardly ever use those size 0's..... hmmm the other project is going to be a pirate hat for BIL in some white and navy Rowan wool/coton I hope it works out okay with that yarn I am a bit nervous...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Rock My World

Toni from The Fold ROCKS MY WORLD!!

So last Friday I ordered (well B did it is my Christmas present) a Majacraft Suzie wheel from The Fold. Toni said she would ship it out on Monday. I realized I did not give her my email and thus did not have a UPS confirmation number. So I called back today. She was not there but she called me right back. Told me that she took out my wheel to inspect it before delivery and the wheel had de-laminated. Now I knew this was a problem with the older wheels, but figured mine would be a new once...since well I just ordered it. She said she did not have any other Suzies in stock and had to order from NZ. OH NO! :( WELL she made my day by offering to me a Suzie Pro with toll (spelling) painting on it instead. So now I will be getting a Suzie Pro with pink and orange flowers painted on the outside. HOW.PERFECT!

I could not be more excited! Looking at UPS it looks like they take two days so HOPEFULLY by Friday if not Monday - WOOOHOOOOOO

Now off to do my happy dance.

Road To Hell

Is paved with good intentions....

Yesterday before all the snow here I took pics of me in the Manos I open up those pictures and it looks like I am leaning back sticking out my muffin top in EVERY freaking picture! Not to mention my husband...bless his heart is a HORRIBLE knit photographer...needless to say. No pics. I think I may go get some good ones in the snow...tripod and timer maybe?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

When the Cat's Away

The mouse will play.

B is working out of town and will not get home until almost 3 AM! So I have been playing a bit. I finished lace leaf AND mary jane today...BUT HE HAS THE CAMERA!! BOOOO!!!!!!!

Well I have been working a bit have done a GAZILLION loads of laundry. I put R down for an afternoon nap at 4:30 and he was ticked - but so needed it! The little guy is STILL asleep - I think he may sleep through the night! Now that I said that he will wake up in 10 minutes!

Well I did this little meme for fun...hmmm I don't know as a native California girl who has transplanted to the Front Range...hmmm I don't know - but it does say I should have my own TV or Radio show - heck yeah I should!! Well that is how I interpret that ;)

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Midland

"You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don't have an accent." You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio.

The West
The Inland North
North Central
The Northeast
The South
What American accent do you have?
Take More Quizzes

In other good news I sent some stitch markers to my old LYS in Fair Oaks/Sacramento. I told them to just send me back the ones they did not want with the yarn I had on order (I had a $25 credit how could I NOT get yarn before I left!?!? - it was a yarn for a spring knit so you will not be seeing it too soon!) well THEY TOOK THEM ALL!!! Also had a note that they are hoping to order more soon! How rad is that!?!? I am thrilled. I need to go work on my jewelry site some more. I have one picture from the show last saturday but I had quite a muffin top with the jeans. I SWEAR I need to stand up straight because everytime I looked in the mirror I DID.NOT.HAVE that muffin top!!! But here you go you can see my booth. I think I will be removing the black tray at the next show and stick with white. I also am getting a steamer for next time!

I'm Gettin' Some Swag!!!!!!

Lookie what is on its way to MEEEEEEE!!!!

I see this as matching funky hats for B and R actually. It will be my first time with multi-colored roving so I am super excited to try it out!

I also got a license plate cover and SSK magnet - figured what the hell.

Lace Leaf is OFFICIALLY DONE! She is soaking right now ready for me to bring the towels down to the basement and block her! YAY my first REAL sweater is done!!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Papa has a new hat

But R sure will not let him wear it! Here is R in the new hat I made for B. When B gets back with the camera (he is out of town working for 2 days) I will have to post better pics.


I swear it was not five seconds yet! (*note we are getting new cabinets and floors so our floor is torn up...hence the classy black is lovely)

Now STOP the paparazzi!

The hat was knit in a dark green variagated Manos. It is the same yarn used to make the Little r felted hat. For B - He wanted a hat that he could wear out something that looked a bit "heady" as he said. I knew he would want it to fit into the pocket of his jacket so I made up this easy pattern with 2x2 ribbing where the decreases go up first in the purl section so not noticable then I took every third ribbing and decreased it down so it went to a point then I decreased the ones next to it so they went into a V towards the top. So the knit ribbed that was stopped is flanked by each side going together in a V. Does that make sense? Well the pics here do not explain it very well, but if there is interest I could write up a quicky pattern. It was pretty simple, but I did throw some SKP in there to make the V but nothing hard...

Work Hours

Well we got back from Mazatlan last week and I had a jewelry show in of course I have tons to update, but first I just gotta do a little vent.

It is 4:44 and the mailwoman (I know ours is a very nice lady) is not here yet! WTF? I am expecting some yarn from CA and to hear about how my old yarn shop liked the stitchmarkers and row counters...and well I am dying to see if they came back here yet. I know I could call.

So last week I worked my arse off getting ready for the jewelry show I was in on Saturday. The show was meh, but I am used to doing larger shows in CA I think. Most the people there were lookers not buyers so that blew. I did do better than most from my informal investigations via my husband ;) but not as well as I would hope for a Saturday all day event. Well I worked so hard last week that yesterday I was just out for the count I had a total cold. This happens when I run myself too thin I have found. So today I decided to take some of my morning while R (DS) was in naptime to myself watch a scary movie and work on the grafting for miss lace leaf sweater...well I am 3/4 the way done and B (DH) says, "What are you doing? Is that work stuff or retirement activities" ummm looking around hoping the dog will start barking and dancing to distract the man. "No retirement fun stuff during work hours" so yes ladies and gentlemen I must do work stuff from 9-5 every know I fooled around a ton more when I did have a "real" job!

13 minutes until the grafting can continue :)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pug Yarn

Why is it pug yarn...because this is yarn so ugly only a mother could love.

My first handspun and first dropspindle adventure...

I would do more but 2 seconds ago trying to start my coffee washing my beloved french press this happened:

Off to the coffee shop must.go.put.on.bra

OKAY and the RADIO is RUTHLESS rightnow...there is a song about having the coffee black on...bastards!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Almost the end...

of Breast Cancer Awareness and Soctoberfest Months...

Well as some of you may know, before we moved we had a BIG scare in the Z house around Breast Cancer. The short version of the story is that I had mastisis at least 4 times (there were 3 other times I was very sick which could of been related to that during this time period...the more I look back at how sick I was and what I did to offset it the more I think it was mastisis starting up) and I had lumps in my breast that would not go away. I was breastfeeding our son so mastisis was not unconceivable, but alas the doctor was concerned because the lumps would not go away with medication and the frequency of the mastisis. Well we went to a specialist and I was given the clear, but I had to stop breastfeeding to make sure. Our son was a year old so we decided to stop for my health. The lumps are now gone, but I still have to watch very closely the girls. So this was a big wake up call and breast cancer is now something I will care very deeply about. Sooo when the State of Colorado offered me pink breast cancer awareness plates I happily paid the extra fee and got them for the Prius...

Now onto Soctoberfest:
The wonderful Lolly set up a great KAL that is lowkey for us knitters of the this is good for me because goodness knows I am not the greatest at keeping up. I signed up for this as encouragement to finish the socks I am knitting for Brad for his birthday. The birthday is Nov 9th so I thought great I will work on them this month anyways have I touched the socks this month...NOO. These are my first pair of socks done in Koigu and it is a great yarn...I am just so selfish that I can't bare to part with my lace leaf sweater (on to grafting today so pics VERY VERY SOON!) Well here is the sock I have about 1.5 more inches and getting ready to turn the heel...maybe that is the problem because honestly that scares me a bit....without further ado my first sock the father son socks from the Fall IK '06. I plan on making R some matching I gotta get a move on!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ben Franklin

Yeah what am I Ben Franklin or something? Early to bed Early to Rise makes you healthy wealthy strong and wise...hmmm maybe I just need to go to bed earlier then because all I want now is a black pot of I did not say cup of coffee I need the whole damn pot. Why...

So at freaking zero dark thirty R decides to scream. Note this is my baby that sleeps until 8:00 am so waking mommy when there are not even birds singing is not too cool. I go in there hold his hand, lay on the floor, get him milk...the milk put him out. Mental note buy a refrigerator for the kids room...walking down the stairs when still asleep just too much for my poor old bones to do. So I get him some milk and he goes to sleep. I look at the internet for a bit just to be close (next room) while he goes sees Mr. Sandman some more. Okay kid is OUT! I sneak back into bed (DH was up to about 2 am yeah we want him to sleep) pull the covers over and hit something on the nightstand. Dammit! Was that my water? I reach over to feel. No it wasn't but shit if I did not just f-ing knock over that blasted water! FUUUCK - but screamed inside softly as to not awaken DH. So turn on the lights clean up the water move the nightstand clean up there...see what I knocked over. Yeah that should have been INSIDE the nightstand...don't ask.

So alas all hope of falling back asleep is fading as fast as the night as I peer out onto the sunrise. Crap. Guess I'll knit with coffee in peace for once. Who knows this may become habit...I am liking the quite before the storm.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Where have they gone...

Rhinebeck that is where...alas we are still here in CO. Man I hope everyone comes back with some amazing stories and yarn porn to share...I have been dying all weekend.

But this weekend was not totally uneventful...

I got:
- swap of 3 skiens of LL ooohhh yummy my first LL
- some terra acorn and manos from my enabler weezalana (luv her!)
- 4 skeins (of about 600 yards each) of a latte color wool and a heathered grey alpalca from LambSpuns bi-yearly sale. If I was not on a purchasing freeze I would of spent...much much more. In fact I wanted to drive the hour up there all weekend to buy more...still bummed I didn't!
- Rowan Classic Style book. I.AM.IN.LOVE! There are two sweaters and a purse that I am just itching to get started.
- Also late the the game...I finally got the KP Option needles. Love them...did not work so well for the mohair but other than that they are great!

I worked on:
- This ** close to finishing the lace leaf sweater!!! Just a few more rows to fact that is where I am headed right now!
- My office...still coming along, but so much better.
- Drooling over RYC oh that book is YUMMY!!!!

I finished:
- My ISE Scarf - it is blocking on the guest bed right now!
- 15 sets of stitchmarkers to send back to a store in CA
- I created a kick a$$ if I do say so myself row counter. I was screaming BRILLIANT around the house for at least 2 hours! I will show pics soon.
- about 20 beads from was my first venture. I think they are pretty cool. I got more to make some more for stitchmarkers. I hope to add those soon.

Off to knit! I cannot wait to hear about all the cool amazing purchases tomorrow...No rest ladies RECAP ;)

*like I have any room to talk/type lol

Monday, October 16, 2006

Dinner and Crack Smokers

Seriously who asks, "what's for dinner" at 10:20 at night! My husband that is is he crazy!?

Umm if I was going to make dinner don't cha think I would of done so oh umm - about 5 hours ago! We went to "lunch" at 4:00 - yeah I'm not so hungry.

What have I been doing for the past 5 hours???

Oh trying to find a freaking substitute for the insanely expensive Joseph Galler's "Mimosa Cashmere" yarn that is used for the new VK sweater/pattern #3. It is a gorgeous lace pullover and I am in love. Will I spend $375 to knit this in my size in the recommended I'll give you one guess...and if you get it wrong I will ask you where your crack pipe is.

Freaking $375

Dude $375!!!!!


Freaking Crack Smokers!!!!!

So if anyone has a suggestion for a cashmere boucle I would so appreciate any suggestions you have. No it does not need to be cashmere...I put down my crack pipe eons ago and therefore will not be buying this yarn. That and even though he asks for dinner at freaking 10:30 (thank goodness for the frozen pizza stash in the freezer) I still do love the goof and don't wish to go to divorce court because I swear it would be close if I spend THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS for an "unassembled sweater" as he likes to call yarn.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'd Like to thank the Academy

For the worst blogger award! I am just kidding, but honestly I KNOW I deserve this one. The craziness of life is not an excuse because I know EVERYONE has that but man I never thought being a SAHM would be so busy. I mean it is almost noon and I have yet to shower...I know I am awful. R is down for a nap so I thought I would do a quick post before he wakes....crossing fingers I can get a bath in too lol.

Well the house is still a disaster here is the current state of the floors and painting:
You can see that the walls are slightly two toned with the bump out that composes the dining room slightly darker. We are also going to strip and stain the bannister to match.

I have not been knitting much but mostly painting. The biggest job has been R's playroom. Since this picture has been taken we have a huge orange octopus, seahorse, gold and blue fish, and two crabs on the wall. I decided to just get the toys in there and I would finish the mural while he plays because it is a lenthy process. Here is a pic before the animals were added:

October has been kicked off with a much fanfare. We have many cool things happening here in blogland...first there is Soctoberfest and all that goodness as well as it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Both of those deserve seperate posts, but they will have to wait until I shower.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

We ARE Here!

Yay we are finally in Boulder. We actually made it about 9 days ago and I have been going reno crazy since then. We got our computer set up on Tuesday (was stealing someones wireless network before that shhh)
Our carpet should be here in about 10 days and now I am researching new cabinets and painting rest for the weary.

Sorry but I have little knitting news. The sweater I knit in the car from CA - well I hated how the decreases looked with the ribbing so I ripped the whole thing out in a madness one night...oh well. I am still waiting to get my office unpacked so I can start having fun!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Finishing Anything?

Well Tuesday night I went to my local LYS for a finishing class. I tried finishing on my one skein baby bolero and I just how it looked - at all. So I was putting off finishing the rest of my items...I know silly girl! Well last night I took the workshop and practiced on my first handknit garment my streakers shrug from Spring 06 IK. I thought it was too small to put my arm in it! BUT ALAS...IT FIT! Now don't get me wrong the puppy is snug...but fit it I am off to seaming wonder. I cannot wait to finish everything...but alas I have to until we are finished with moving hell.

Must go pack now...also must pick out the knitting I will be doing on the road ;)

Monday, August 28, 2006

Recap of UFO August

(X-post to UFO August) Recap All that I had to do this month:
Interweave Knits Bonita Top – Never went back and touched this one. Still wondering...maybe a frogpond victim soon soon enough.
VK Lace Edge Cardigan – Worried about seaming I signed up for a Finishing as if that will help me finish all this knitting - but I am scared to seam so this may be the ticket.
Noni Rather Huge Carpet Bag – SHOULD go in the wash to felt tonight!
Rowan Carolina – Body is done. Did one sleeve and started over. I STILL love this beauty, but the lace is proving difficult.
Funky Soaker for R – DONE
Felted R Hat – Don’t know where I put it!!!
Lace Leaf Pullover – Waiting on needles for the top.
Green Pants for R – FROGGED
Custom Top-down Lace Sweater – STILL swatching out different laces for this one. I have the design and have been reading Barbara Walkers book…
Baby Bolero – Going to seaming class as well. I tried to backstitch the shoulders and they look like hell.
Mohair Rebecca Wrap Cardigan – HAVE NOT TOUCHED :( From my first post, "Started last week as well. I am ½ way thru the sleeves. This should be an easy finish" FAMOUS LAST WORDS!!
Currently on deck:
Mystery Stole – I have the yarn and have swatched. Just letting it wait though as I have so many.
Rowan Calmer Air – Have the yarn have not swatched.
Fiery Bolero – bought the yarn and have swatched…that is all
Beer Sweater – The yarn is bought but have not swatched it yet.
Felted Wavy Edge Hat– The yarn is bought but have not swatched it yet.
Anthropology Caplet – DONE SISTER TRIED ON!!!! WOOHOOO FO! - No seaming on that one ;)
Little R Jeans – Yarn is bought hanging out…
and one not on the list - I made R (oh by the way that is my 1-yr old boy) a vest for a wedding next weekend. I have to REDO the neck because his head is too big, but alas that WILL be another FO - I mean I have a HARD DEADLINE no nekkid kids at the wedding!

So the blue ones I will so be done - WOOHOO I hit my goal of three for the month! I will post pics when I find my freaking camera. In the middle of FO Madness we are moving across 3 states...yes I am nuts ;)

Friday, August 25, 2006

The Race Home

I wonder who will win...the UPS man or DH...Lets hope it is the UPS man because he is holding my pretties from anthropology that I bought on Tuesday in that Big Brown Fluffy Truck! I was hoping to wear this dress - you gotta look at it on the model to see how cute it really is...also I cannot get the darn thing to link ...sorry people! ( this weekend to lil' R's 1st birthday party down in OC.

DH JUUST CALLED - CRUD! I think he may win the race...and thus...boring old outfit for me. BOOOOO!!!

On the knit front...I signed up for a finishing class for this Tuesday. I have 4 projects sitting here ready to take to the class. I tried seaming up the baby bolero and my back stitching at the shoulders looks like crapola so I am taking the class. All UFOs are patiently waiting. I hope to have some great FOs for you soooon!!!!

Also I started and am 95% done - yeah can you believe that! - a little vest for R for the wedding B is in next weekend. So I have a HARD DEADLINE! I should be done by the time we make it to Stockton...woohooo. I did the whole thing withOUT a pattern following Barbara Walker's directions in knitting from the top. I am super stoked and I brought yarn and needles to work on my top down design I have been playing with for the past month. I gotta tell you I am looking at all patterns figuring out how to switch them to be top down in the round. That stuff is EAASY PEASY!!!

I have SO much more to share, but we are moving next weekend! FINALLY getting to Boulder!!!! After that I will have so much time to share with you lovelys! So PLEASE stay tuned...I promise this blog will develop something to Tickle you Pink!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sooo I have a problem...Knitty Intervention

Hello I am Stacy and I am a Startaholic…

I did not finish the two Speed Knitting Items. I actually put up my One Skein Book and could not find it - yes I am that ditzy! Then I forgot the last ball of yarn when I went down south for the wrap. Oh well!!! I have a TON on the needles that I decided to join a hopefully productive KAL to aide me in getting these off the needles and into the closet.

Items on the needles:
  1. Interweave Knits Bonita Top – Halfway up but I am thinking it looks hokey with the stitches so I may just frog this and start over. The yarn may be too soft for this design as well. I am so torn and so sad about this one!
  2. VK Lace Edge Cardigan – Started in May and went all the way until I got to the seaming and then it has stalled. I have to block and seam then crochet the edge. One front looks smaller than the other so have to try and fix that as well.
  3. Noni Rather Huge Carpet Bag – 2 more lines / 10 rows to go why I cannot finish this ACK it has been on the sticks since April
  4. Noni Flowers - ½ way through the flowers as well…notice a theme?
  5. Rowan Carolina – Have 15 more rows on the body then it is on to lace. I actually have not stopped this one as I love it so much!
  6. Funky Soaker for R – Need to fix my decreases and then finish these. About 60% thru.
  7. Felted R Hat – Just need to sew the brim to the hat. Don’t know where I put it.
  8. Lace Leaf Pullover – Finished the bottom portion. Waiting on needles for the top. Need to finish the sleeves and be all ready to go!!! I just started this over the weekend so this is doing well.
  9. Green Pants for R – ½ way thru the leg of one and realize I should frog and start over. This was done when I was a very new knitter.
  10. Custom Top-down Lace Sweater – I am still swatching out different laces for this one. I have the design and have been reading Barbara Walkers book…
  11. Baby Bolero – Started last week. Need to finish one sleeve and the edging. Was suppose to be for a baby shower last weekend, but will go to our other cousin who is also having a girl.
  12. Mohair Rebecca Wrap Cardigan – Started last week as well. I am ½ way thru the sleeves. This should be an easy finish, but I keep going back to Miss Carolina.

Currently on deck:

  1. Mystery Stole – I have the yarn and have swatched. Just letting it wait though as I have so many.
  2. Rowan Calmer Air – Have the yarn have not swatched.
  3. Fiery Bolero – bought the yarn and have swatched…that is all
  4. Beer Sweater – The yarn is bought but have not swatched it yet.
  5. Felted Wavy Edge Hat– The yarn is bought but have not swatched it yet.
  6. Anthropology Caplet (or some shrug) – Bought yarn that I loved last weekend. Going to see if it will work for this pattern. This may be a real quick FO and may use the chocolate manos that was intended for the Felted Wavy Edge Hat.
  7. Little R Jeans – Yarn is bought hanging out…

The ones in Pink I think I have a good chance of finishing this month. I am so pitiful this weekend my girlfriend told me that she had some amazing patterns for me but refused to share until I showed her THREE FO...OHHH MAN told you I had a problem!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stitchmarkers, Candy Floss and SPEED KNITTER

Yesterday I received a gorgeous set of stitchmarkers from Lynnea (from the swapastitchmarker swap from knittyboard) they arrived at the same time as my gorgeous new yarn from sweetgeorgia I could not get a great pic but here they are together.

Aren't they both so pretty? The yarn is a GORGEOUS blue that reminds me of Negril...ahhh honeymoon. Ahhh free cocktails with waitresses all day serving.

Here is the amazing thing about the stitch markers. It truly gave me chills. The charms used in the stitch markers were the SAME EXACT ones that I used for all my bridesmaids in my wedding. I stitched a little charm into each of the purses I made for them. The read: Hope, Love, Believe, Dream, & Peace (if I remember off the top of my head correctly ;) ) I thought that was REALLY cool! So these will DEFINITELY be treasured for a lifetime THANK YOU!!!!!



Baby Bolero: This one will definitely be done. I just have the final ribbing and one sleeve then seam her up time :) WOOHOO!

Wrap Cardi from Rebecca: I am 80% up both fronts. I made some error somewhere, but I am unsure where it occured. I put both pieces up against eachother and you cannot see a difference so I am treking along. I hope this one is doable, but with me having to drive down south I am unsure. I was expecting a good 4 hours of knitting time.

Carolina: Well Carolina is on hold. I came to the realization that she really will need more time. I am fine with that and expect to take her for knitting while I am there. I will have to fix my dreaded cast on error though before leaving or while we are at my parents. Wish me luck there!

*Calling me Speed Knitter is really a joke because actually I am a pretty pathetically slow knitter. Lets hope I get faster with time ;)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Speed Knitting and a LYS that ROCKS

So today at lunch I ran over to my lys to get the Barbara Walker Knitting from the Top Down book. Well I had that and of course another skein and needles, although I did resist the LM circs they had. YES I DID! Well I get to the front and realize my wallet was NOT in my purse - but ON MY DESK!

Well my lys rocked they just told me to call them when I got back to work to give them my card. GOTTA LOVE THAT! Phew I did NOT want to make another trip.

I got about 35% done on the baby bolero last night. I think I should be done tonight. I need to finish one of the carolina sleeves and start on the short-row Rebecca cardi. WOW SPEED KNITTING TIME!

Oh and the disaster update...the LYS said that ripping out then knitting down did seem like the best option...oh wish me luck. I will have to do a photoessay on this one!

Everyone have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dear Benihana's....

Thank you. Thank you for closing for reno and not bothering to send me a card. Letting me know that the building was sick and sad and needed a face lift. Thank you for letting me crave your deliciousness for the 30 minute drive to your restaurant.

For future reference July 19th is NOT the day for you to be closed. You see I was craving shrimp and steak cooked in front of me. I was craving seeing the chefs with the tall white caps and showing bruiser how funny they were when they threw the egg up and caught in the hat. I was craving you I tell you...

Well Bruiser REALLY does want to thank you. You see we had to go over to Sacramento Brewing because you were closed and B was starving. So Bruiser got to have his favorite thing in the NOT beer PEOPLE - GUACAMOLE! I cannot believe it the kid ate a HUGE bowl of guacamole. He also loved chowing down on the tomatoes. I find it so hillarious because I NEVER liked those two as much as I did when I was pregnant. In fact I NEVER had guac until I got pregnant and was craving it one day. Now wouldn't you know it - Bruiser LOOOVES the stuff! I just find that so funny for some reason.

Thank you ladies for stopping by and saying happy anniversary! I let B read my post...thought it was sweet, but the first words out of his mouth were, "You have a BLOG!?!"


In Knitting News:
I got some deadlines!

I HAVE.TO.FINISH 3 - three - THREE items by next weekend!

First is the baby bolero from the One Skein book. We are going to a baby shower for my cousin and I thought this mixed with a cute dress would be a perfect gift.


Second I must finish The Rowan Carolina. I really want to wear it next weekend when I am down there. I have to finish both lace sleeves and all the lace edging. I ALSO have to cut part of it and fix my insane error of not keeping the provisional cast on. Yeah I am kinda worried about this one.

Third I want to finish a shrug to wear with the dress that the lovely knittywhipped just enabled me ;) I have the pink ggh mohair and the pattern. I practiced my swatch before because I was already planning to knit this. I just need to actually knit it ;) I ripped it once so maybe I will do okay. I have been reading about short rows and I charted the pattern out so I am hoping I got it ;) Here is the dress and the picture of the ggh - debating between the green shrug, the blue bell sleeve wrap cardi (which would tie in the front IRL) and one that I cannot find online but it is similar to this bright pink below, but in the mohair, but less lace...

Thoughts Ladies? I gotta start knitting this weekend if I have any hope of getting these done ;)

Stay tuned for some hilarity as SPEED KNITTING TO ENSUE!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Well 3 years ago today B and I got married. aaahhhh this morning at 12:30 he rolls over and hugs me and said Happy Anniversary Sweetheart in his sleep...yup he still melts my heart. It has been just 3 years but it seems we have packed in a lifetime worth of changes:
Remodeled our house
Sold said house
Built a new house
Changed Jobs
Built a pool
Started 2 companies
Had baby R
Sold second house
Moving way far away (well next month!)
Happy Anniversary B

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I upset. Here was my post on the coffeeshop


Okay NOW that I have gotten that off my chest here is my problem. I am PRAYING someone can PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!

Okay the pattern is Carolina from Rowan 39.

Now this is my FIRST venture with lace and lace weight yarn and also my first venture with Rowan and english (like UK english) patterns. I SHOULD have known better. I am a pretty new knitter, but I am rather adventurous so I am willing to try anything to get this to work.

I am also willing to have it look less than perfect if that is what has to occur...soo here is the issue:

I thought when at the end it said pick up the stitches that I just picked up stitches...looking at the pattern I am realizing that I should of provisional cast on for this KSH. YEAH - KSH snowballs chance in you know where that I can frog this whole thing.

Also, I am realizing now that my cast on is probably not stretchy enough either... Well I am done with the center part. 10 more rows to go - so frogging this is really not an option... SOOOO does ANYONE HAVE A SUGGESTION. I am sriously in tears here. I canNOT believe I am so DUMB!

Thanks for letting me rant and ANY HELP is SOOO appreciative I cannot even explain.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Final Destination Moment

So I had a Final Destination moment today. You see I had to get to work early today to prep for a meeting with my boss. I usually go one route to work and drop off bruiser on the way in at daycare. Well today B took bruiser in because I needed to be early. Well as I was at the light RIGHT before getting on the freeway on ramp B called.


No we do not have two yet we still have the portable bucket. Well I turned around immediately to give it to him. He was waiting outside. This was about a 5 minute detour. Well when I got back to the same intersection I see fire trucks and ambulances coming up and the freeway was DEAD STOPPED! On NPR came a flash that freeway 50 was closed TWO BIG RIGGS COLLIDED RIGHT where I was suppose to get on. THE COLLIDED THE SAME MINUTE according to the time at - umm yeah from looking at this picture that is EXACTLY where I would of been lane and all because of my snazzy carpool sticker.

PHEW I will hug B and bruiser tonight!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

100 Random Things about MEEEE

Thought I would share my randomness...

  1. I am 31 years old and an Aries…very true to form with that one.
  2. B & I got married at a zoo…okay it was a semi-private zoo/botanical gardens and kicked butt – alas there were still zebras that overlooked our vows and white tigers in the distance.
  3. We have a son who will be a year in August we call him Little R (or lil' r)
  4. I cried when the ultrasound technician told us it was a boy, mostly because I was so sure it was a girl and thus felt so disconnected. B high-fived himself…no really he did. I still feel guilty about crying and love lil' r more than I ever thought I could.
  5. I danced on stage with Prince at a concert…yeah that was rad!
  6. Number 5 was my nickname forever…hence the cool Prince note went at number 5.
    My other nickname was peanut. Yes I had that as an adult.
  7. What is ironic is I am deathly allergic to peanuts I have to carry a shot with me at all times.
  8. My parents have been married for 45 years, but I am their oldest child. Our whole family thought they would never have children.
  9. I have been a swim instructor for babies for 15+ years.
  10. I considered my baby old when we started at 7 months. I was very sad, but stupid weather would not cooperate, and crazy schedule.
  11. Our crazy schedules and not seeing our son enough has prompted my husband and me to move 3 states away and leave CA.
  12. We both are born and raised in Southern California everyone we know is in shock.
  13. B almost moved to Boulder 8 months before he met me, but he said something did not feel right, so he bought a house here in Sacramento.
  14. We always say that house was the smartest financial decision he has ever made…I always pipe in that the smartest decision was me ;)
  15. I picked up B in a bar. My girlfriend said he was smart and had a really good body so I went up to him felt him up and whispered in his ear, "Alana said you had a great body so I had to come check you out for myself". I actually really thought he was a twiggy guy and too skinny for me until I felt him up.
  16. He stole my hairband that night and "charged" me a kiss to get it back…that was a first kiss. We still joke over the corniness of "well it'll cost you" "what?" "a kiss" hahahahahahahaha
  17. As corny as that was -- it and he still melts my heart.
  18. I hated the house that B bought before he met me. B loved it more than anything.
  19. He sold that house for me and we had a new house built.
  20. B hated that city/suburb after we moved there, but we both loved that house.
  21. We sold that house for little move to Boulder.
  22. I make jewelry and purses on top of knitting.
  23. I have not made a purse since I had one selected for an emerging designer of the year honor in a magazine because I just could not figure out how I would of wanted to market them…they were made out of gemstones.
  24. I have never had a McDonalds/Burger King/Wendy's etc hamburger.
  25. I always make up new stuff. I made up a maternity shirt "I am not Buddha" and sold them on my website and in stores when I was pregnant.
  26. My bead/gemstone stash is scary.
  27. Most my jewelry I have made was done with variants on crochet techniques.
  28. The only thing I ever crocheted was jewelry/wire...until I started knitting.
  29. We selected our house partly based on what type of room I would have for beading.
  30. I am thrilled there will be room for yarn in there as well.
  31. My husband and I only really argue about cleaning and decorating.
  32. I am very opinionated on the decorating, but I have to adhere to his rules and it infuriates me.
  33. But I love him more than a stupid couch so sometimes I am unhappy with how the house looks. Most the time I am fine with that.
  34. I am an all or nothing when it comes to cleaning.
  35. DH/B is the clean one…well in terms of picking up. Thank goodness he picks up.
  36. I expect to be praised like a 6 year old when I do any sort of housework.
  37. In heaven I will have a maid and someone who follows and picks up after me.
  38. This person will also bring me Greyhound (vodka and grapefruit juice) while I am sitting out on the veranda knitting looking at heaven's beach and ocean.
  39. As much as I hate to clean if my house is not clean it is draining on me and bothers me both emotionally and physically.
  40. My friend Tam had to convince me to take the knitting class.
  41. That was in April…it is July. I took the class thinking it would give me something to do while I was pumping..well I contracted a sick sick disease in class…(addicted personality much)
  42. I have been exclusively pumping milk for my son for 10 months now. I hope to make a year.
  43. We went to a lactation consultant weekly for his first two months.
  44. The consultant decided he had some insane suction that was 5 times more of a normal baby when he almost took off my entire nipple with a proper latch.
  45. I say I am a breastfeeding mom even though he gets the milk in a bottle now.
  46. I felt extremely guilty about it and still have moments of guilt.
  47. At the same time I am very proud that I have worked thru much adversity to give him mommy milk and not formula.
  48. My sister and I are polar opposites.
  49. I love her dearly, but I don't know if we would be friends if we were not related.
  50. That makes me very sad.
  51. Her oldest daughter looks just like me.
  52. Lil' R looks very much like her son, who also happens to look like my dad.
  53. I broke my left arm in 2 places 3 days before summer vacation in 5th grade.
  54. I was on the swim team.
  55. It took ALL summer to heal. I was so bummed. I would wrap it in cellophane and duct tape so I could swim.
  56. My dad practiced one-armed volleyball digs with me all summer. He was the coach.
  57. I can still bounce the ball by myself on one arm REALLY well.
  58. I hated volleyball.
  59. I played one year.
  60. I sucked. My dad cut me down to jr. varsity.
  61. Although I suck I can dissect the game and coach like no one's business. My sister was awesome and I always coached her. She use to tell me that all the time. Yeah little sister keeping me in line.
  62. My sister is 3.5 years younger than me.
  63. I have an 'adopted' sister named Stacy.
  64. She was my best friend. My parents took her in all through high school.
  65. We have been best friends since first grade, but rarely talk to each other. When we see each other it is like no time has ever passed.
  66. I have been to probably over 100 concerts.
  67. My favorite artist of all time is Prince, and not because I danced on stage.
  68. DH and I selected our new hometown partly on the music scene.
  69. My other best friend growing up was Lisa she had the nickname "Lunar".
  70. We were REALLY into fashion magazines.
  71. We made up a fashion company called, "Lunar Tiace'"
  72. Tiace' is supposed to be pronounced Tie-say – We thought it sounded like a French version of my nickname Stac.
  73. Yes we were dorks, but we thought we were cool.
  74. I still have a half dozen sketch books that contains drawings and notes about fashion designs we created.
  75. I have naturally curly hair.
  76. It turned curly when I went thru puberty and has stayed that way.
  77. I have no idea what my natural color is…well except some shade of brown with grey.
  78. I got grey in my early 20's and started coloring my hair.
  79. I have been on one hike in my life.
  80. To the top of Yosemite Falls where DH asked me to marry him.
  81. He said the most beautiful things, but I don't remember them.
  82. He still will not let me have the paper where he wrote it all out. Actually he typed it up.
  83. I thought that was the cutest thing ever.
  84. Before the hike I teased him that the only way he was going to get me to the top was to dangle a ring in front of me like the do with the donkey and carrot.
  85. No I did not know he was going to propose then.
  86. I had postponed the trip for 2 months. This killed him, but he acted all cool.
  87. I had deja vu about ½ ways up the mountain. I think part of me knew what was going to happen.
  88. I have never had a brown soda.
  89. When I was a kid I thought the brown color came from dirt, i.e. Rootbeer was called that because it was made from Roots hence the dirt.
  90. I drive a Prius, and LOOVE that I can drive in the carpool on the way to work.
  91. I say, "her ha" (like Nelson from the Simpsons) in the car when I pass people who were jerks to me as I got on the freeway. That happens weekly it seems…last week it was an old fat man in a Porsche that one felt good!
  92. I love Superman.
  93. My favorite TV Show is Smallville. I think Tom Welling (Clark) is so FIIIIIIINNNEEEEE.
  94. I have a thing about bald men so of course I think Lex on the show is pretty fine as well. I touched his butt at the House of Blues during an after-hours Prince show. That was fun.
  95. My ex-boyfriend was working for Prince at the time and got my girlfriend and me into the VIP balcony. I had no idea and had not spoken to him for two years when I saw him walk by and said hello. It was REALLY random.
  96. I was a vegetarian for eight years.
  97. I started fainting though from a bad diet and slowly introduced meat. I still have a VERY hard time cutting up raw meat.
  98. I am addicted to coffee and love French press coffee to be more specific.
  99. I did stand-up comedy for a bit. I learned from my comedy tape that I should not wear boat neck sweaters that are cropped.
  100. It took me about a week to come up with this many things…DH still is asking what the hell that stupid word document is for…nice.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Story of the downed KSH...

The History:

So I work in a big office building…well it has a rather decent size lobby…I have to walk across the building past the cafeteria to use the designated room for lactating moms. So I go over there 2 times a day at work and "hang out" for a bit of time. Well I always try to sneak my knitting in over there because well it is quite a bit boring sitting there waiting and waiting. I much rather be productive!

Now that you have the history on with the story…

On Monday I was going down to the room. I did not have my bag with me so I had to sneak my knitting for the Carolina Sweater over there. I had it under my arm…two balls of Rowan Kid Silk Haze is what it requires since it is double stranded at this portion. Well I was just past the cafeteria when someone says, "I think you dropped something" at which time I felt a vibration, like a cell phone, under my arm. I thought the vibrating was weird because I did not have my phone…then I felt a tug and saw a snap. It was my KSH or as more affectionately and accurately referred to as Kid Silk Crack! I ran back…someone from HR tells me they say the string so they yanked on it to break it!! The security guard had the ball. It had fallen on the stairs!! I had walked down the stairs across the lobby down two hallways and DID NOT EVEN NOTICE!!!!! BUT SHE BROKE MY YARN! Does she know when you see KSC you have to RUN after the poor soul and say, "Sweetie I think you dropped your Kid Silk Crack for you obviously divine project that you are creating because someone would only use yarn that gorgeous for something truly special." BUT NO she broke it then just jumbled it together. Because yeah kid mohair does not stick to itself and NEVER tangles!!! So alas I did not knit during that mommy session but rather I untangled about 120 feet of KSC and rewound my ball then unknit half the row because I needed to add the yarn back in and weaving on such an open piece would have been to obvious for my liking.

So I am about 52 rows on my 128 rows of 3x3 ribbing for the back of Carolina. Man she will be beautiful.

Lesson I learned…I need one of those cute bags to carry my knitting vs. hiding it under my arm!

The Monthly Blogger

Well I have a ton of updates! I canNOT believe it has been almost a month I am SO bad.
Bad BAD Stacy!

Well actually I have been lurking around and a bit under the weather. I got struck with mastitis again suddenly (read: went from fine to 103 temp in about an hour) and had to go on IV one afternoon and doc ordered me to be a "lady of leisure" aww shucks TWIST MY ARM will ya Well I got a ton of beading done over that time and quite a bit of knitting. I am on my last sleeve of the cardigan/lace edge jacket below. I probably will be done after tomorrow, but honestly the sleeves are scaring me. They seem to have these four rows at the top and I just have no idea how they are going to fit/seem up. Also I have a new rule - ALL SLEEVES AND FRONTS basically anything that is supposed to match MUST BE DONE AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!! I cannot remember what I ate for breakfast much less remember all the rows/repeats, increase, decrease yada yayayaya so next time instead of spending a gazillion hours checking and rechecking I am going to do them together!
Always learning.
Well I am making up a 101 things about me so stay tuned.
Also - I have a blog for stacyzdesigns on blogger for a while. It went deserted when I had lil' r but I am resurrecting it as well. Since I started the knit blog I thought I would do it here (blogdrive) thinking it would be best to have two separate usernames and places, but I am starting to wonder. I am having issues on loading this and also figuring out how to respond to who knows I may change soon enough.
Well I have a few more posts I need to work up. We have family updates with our move. I also need to take pics tonight/tomorrow so I can show all the WIP. I also decided to nix the CP lace shrug and just go for Carolina from rowan I am working on the ribbing right now there are a gazillion rows (well just like 150 so not really a gazillion but I am known to over exaggerate everything by at least a million) I am about 1/3 the way thru on that. I tried out the lace pattern that is on the sleeve. I think I will practice some more with some scrap yarn just so I can get it down.
Also, in my ever crazy state I am also working on creating a new pattern. Yes I know I have not been knitting long at all, but I want to try. We shall see...I am pretty excited and I got the idea in my to get my fingers to make it take shape!

Monday, June 05, 2006

The True Meaning of DK

DK = Double Knit

So I have been working on lovely French Vanilla for WEEKS - WEEKS I tell you. Now...I did have to frog about 5 inches of work... because I was an IDIOT (I twisted when I joined DUH!)...that was painful, but needed and hey I am still learning right? RIGHT?? LOL Well I am about 6" up the piece now with the folded hem so it is moving along but I have 4 more diamonds up to go and I am only thru ONE of them maybe...there are FOUR FOUR I TELL YOU - Did I say FOUR! Man I am suppose to be amazing with this and finish it for the Amazing Lace, but I doubt I will be too Amazing. I just hope I can wear this THIS summer!!!! At this rate I will be done in SEPTEMBER! NOOOOO
But overall I DO like this project. It is worked in the round which I LURVE (stacese for love a lot) - I am even looking at converting other patterns into just working in the round aka w/o side fact I was thinking of doing that for this pretty:

But alas I CHICKENED OUT! I really REALLY LURVE this so I did not want to mess it up. I know I AM A FOOL, but it should be okay...I *NEED* to learn how to seam up right? So I this weekend I cast on for this to give myself a little break. This is knit in Rowan Cotton Tape and It is a rather speady knit. I am 1/2 way up the back already. Now I DID frog about 5 inches of work because I did not like how I did the increases. I was doing M1 but it called for kfb/inc which was to be done on the end of the row vs. doing 1 stitch from the end like I was. So I ripped her out and started over. I am about 6.5 inches up the back now. It is DEFINITELY a faster knit then little Miss French Vanilla.

These little lace projects are encouraging me to try some more difficult lace projects. I have a few that I am debating. I will probably go pick up some yarn tomorrow to try a pattern I saw on the crystal palace site to help prep me for a design that I will leave you with a picture:

Friday, June 02, 2006

The AMAZING Lace Intro...

Yes you DO have to exaggerate the AMAZING when you say that. Without further ado we have FRENCH VANILLA!

The background on team French Vanilla...
The owner of the team has been DYING over this top since she saw in a little preview on the website. I MEAN DYING! We are not sure if she likes her tiny little hips or how cute this piece is, but this team is a GO! This is the owners first adventure with lace, and lets hope it is AMAZING!

Me – Stacy Z – doing what I do when I am not knitting…cleaning! And being a general brat.

General Manager:
Interweaves Bonita Pattern in Summer 2006

Team Captain:
Plymouth Sisters Set Size 5 24"
Starting Lineup:
Sirdar Denim Tweed DK in the color Starling which happens to look EXACTLY like French Vanilla Ice Cream Flecks and ALL! YUMMY!!!!

Bruiser – sure to rip this out and teach mommy why we need lifelines at SOME point during the adventure.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bliss in Smoke

Background info:

MIL has been in town since last is I need to say more?
Actually she is pretty nice, and loves lil R like there is no tomorrow, but alas it sucks to have someone there in a tiny house while you whip out the girls and pump if you know what I mean. Just the image you wanted today, I am sure.

Now to the story:

Well this weekend B (aka DH) is going to Boulder to see a show at Red Rocks and to check out the house. I was suppose to go with him, but it would of been a riddle with my parents coming up to watch bruiser so I said F' it. Just told him to go alone. Well last night he asks (at least he was a smart man and asked me off to the side alone first), "So do you want me to ask my mom to stay over the weekend to help you out with lil' R?" Well I would like to relax, I would like to sleep in my bed vs. the couch, I would like to leave my underwear on the floor (well for a few minutes anyways), I would like to not feel uncomfortable, but alas I will not. Do not get me wrong she is nice, but I just cannot stand ANYONE around me for that long! There is no place to escape and it is not like I can just say, "Later I'm leaving have fun sitting at the house lady!"
Hopefully she will not ask me how to make artichokes again...I mean really - they were from Trader Joes and had directions!!!
So alas...a blissful weekend...up in smoke.

Friday, May 19, 2006

I was Good and you do THIS!?!?!

So I was good and I waited and I waited...

I wait until payday Friday to go to the LYS...

I show up and...


Just my luck! They said closed for a family weekend vacation on the sign. I headed over to Barnes & Noble and picked up the magazine, now I am on the yarn hunt since I could not check out any of them there.

Conclusions on the tops I wanted to do:
  • Well the Lace Crossover Top I am not quite as excited about it now because from looking at the pattern the top of the V does not match up and that kind of bugs me, but I like a couple of sweaters in there more than I thought.
  • The lace article was really good for a newbie like me. The lifeline - after frogging my lace sleeves TWICE down to the beginning I can see how this is KEY!!!!!!!
Off to search for yarns and see about subs!
Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Answer Is....

Have I made it over to LYS for the new IK?

Have I ordered the yarn for the shirts?

Have I done ANYTHING but look at boxes and unpack?
As you may have guessed....


Well we have been under a pile of boxes in the Z household. Moving from our home into a temporary house has been a little closer for comfort that I would of imagined. I remember last week B (that would be my dear husband) echoing the phrase, "Oh the move will be easy we have most everything boxed up already" Why is it that husbands underestimate the gravity of the situation? Umm we had NOTHING boxed up except the stuff we did when we listed the house for Sale...yeah he thought the rest would be easy peasy...well he has been there until 3 am every night the past week...ummm yeah. At least it was him that was there late. I was hugging a baby to sleep for 3 hours because his sleep and schedule and everything has been screwed up!
Well after we organize this weekend I am SO.GOING.TO my LYS! I need the break. I will have to bring R (the beautiful son) because I can guarantee B will be sleeping all day.
Well at least when I start packing for Boulder maybe he will NOT call me crazy for needing a gazillion more boxes!
Sorry little knitting content...maybe I will share more!

Monday, May 15, 2006

My First Blog Post for Knitting

So I created this on another blog before I decided to move here. I have been having issues with that blog so I have been backdating and adding points. Here is my first blog post:

My name is Stacy and this is my first post around these parts. I am a mom, wife, jewelry artist and now a knitting fiend. I thought I would use this blog in efforts to document my little progress and steps. I hope to post pics and keep track of all the goodies I make successes and failures.
I will have some personal stuff but this will be mostly about me and my playtime
Well right now I have a noni rather HUGE carpet bag, wonderwool soaker on the sticks and I JUUUST finished my streakers shrug in manos new colorway called caribe. I cannot wait to seam it up and try it on - It is my FIRST sweater! – well it is a shrug, but CLOSE ENOUGH!!!!!
Little more tidbits about me. I currently live in Norcal in temporary housing. DH and I are moving to Boulder here in the next couple of months and we are super excited. My son just turned 9 months today! We have a little white fluffy daughter named Maggie she is the sweetest puppy ever.
Well that is about it!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Class

Well I had to miss the second session of class purling. I had not found yet but I knew I had to knit backwards. So I practiced and practiced and created a lovely swatch with twisted stitches - NICE!!!! Well I also decided that I did not like how they were teaching me in class so I found the website and taught myself continental knitting. Much easier, and now R's little play blankee is done!

At the end of class I bought yarn to make a hat for lil' R and a noni bag for myself. We had many trips to OC planned so this would be perfect for the car. I would become the car knitter!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

In the Beginning

March 30th my girlfriend, Tam (who is blogless...yes I will work on her ;) ) convinced me to take a knitting class at her LYS. I have been insanely busy for the past few months with a move so I did not know if it would be a smart thing to do. Tam thought it would be perfect for me to do while I pump.

Well...I have falling deep and 100% addicted...

so the story begins...