Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dear Benihana's....

Thank you. Thank you for closing for reno and not bothering to send me a card. Letting me know that the building was sick and sad and needed a face lift. Thank you for letting me crave your deliciousness for the 30 minute drive to your restaurant.

For future reference July 19th is NOT the day for you to be closed. You see I was craving shrimp and steak cooked in front of me. I was craving seeing the chefs with the tall white caps and showing bruiser how funny they were when they threw the egg up and caught in the hat. I was craving you I tell you...

Well Bruiser REALLY does want to thank you. You see we had to go over to Sacramento Brewing because you were closed and B was starving. So Bruiser got to have his favorite thing in the NOT beer PEOPLE - GUACAMOLE! I cannot believe it the kid ate a HUGE bowl of guacamole. He also loved chowing down on the tomatoes. I find it so hillarious because I NEVER liked those two as much as I did when I was pregnant. In fact I NEVER had guac until I got pregnant and was craving it one day. Now wouldn't you know it - Bruiser LOOOVES the stuff! I just find that so funny for some reason.

Thank you ladies for stopping by and saying happy anniversary! I let B read my post...thought it was sweet, but the first words out of his mouth were, "You have a BLOG!?!"


In Knitting News:
I got some deadlines!

I HAVE.TO.FINISH 3 - three - THREE items by next weekend!

First is the baby bolero from the One Skein book. We are going to a baby shower for my cousin and I thought this mixed with a cute dress would be a perfect gift.


Second I must finish The Rowan Carolina. I really want to wear it next weekend when I am down there. I have to finish both lace sleeves and all the lace edging. I ALSO have to cut part of it and fix my insane error of not keeping the provisional cast on. Yeah I am kinda worried about this one.

Third I want to finish a shrug to wear with the dress that the lovely knittywhipped just enabled me ;) I have the pink ggh mohair and the pattern. I practiced my swatch before because I was already planning to knit this. I just need to actually knit it ;) I ripped it once so maybe I will do okay. I have been reading about short rows and I charted the pattern out so I am hoping I got it ;) Here is the dress and the picture of the ggh - debating between the green shrug, the blue bell sleeve wrap cardi (which would tie in the front IRL) and one that I cannot find online but it is similar to this bright pink below, but in the mohair, but less lace...

Thoughts Ladies? I gotta start knitting this weekend if I have any hope of getting these done ;)

Stay tuned for some hilarity as SPEED KNITTING TO ENSUE!

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Shannon said...

Good luck with your speed knitting. I don't think i could handle three deadlines in one week.