Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Story of the downed KSH...

The History:

So I work in a big office building…well it has a rather decent size lobby…I have to walk across the building past the cafeteria to use the designated room for lactating moms. So I go over there 2 times a day at work and "hang out" for a bit of time. Well I always try to sneak my knitting in over there because well it is quite a bit boring sitting there waiting and waiting. I much rather be productive!

Now that you have the history on with the story…

On Monday I was going down to the room. I did not have my bag with me so I had to sneak my knitting for the Carolina Sweater over there. I had it under my arm…two balls of Rowan Kid Silk Haze is what it requires since it is double stranded at this portion. Well I was just past the cafeteria when someone says, "I think you dropped something" at which time I felt a vibration, like a cell phone, under my arm. I thought the vibrating was weird because I did not have my phone…then I felt a tug and saw a snap. It was my KSH or as more affectionately and accurately referred to as Kid Silk Crack! I ran back…someone from HR tells me they say the string so they yanked on it to break it!! The security guard had the ball. It had fallen on the stairs!! I had walked down the stairs across the lobby down two hallways and DID NOT EVEN NOTICE!!!!! BUT SHE BROKE MY YARN! Does she know when you see KSC you have to RUN after the poor soul and say, "Sweetie I think you dropped your Kid Silk Crack for you obviously divine project that you are creating because someone would only use yarn that gorgeous for something truly special." BUT NO she broke it then just jumbled it together. Because yeah kid mohair does not stick to itself and NEVER tangles!!! So alas I did not knit during that mommy session but rather I untangled about 120 feet of KSC and rewound my ball then unknit half the row because I needed to add the yarn back in and weaving on such an open piece would have been to obvious for my liking.

So I am about 52 rows on my 128 rows of 3x3 ribbing for the back of Carolina. Man she will be beautiful.

Lesson I learned…I need one of those cute bags to carry my knitting vs. hiding it under my arm!

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