Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Monthly Blogger

Well I have a ton of updates! I canNOT believe it has been almost a month I am SO bad.
Bad BAD Stacy!

Well actually I have been lurking around and a bit under the weather. I got struck with mastitis again suddenly (read: went from fine to 103 temp in about an hour) and had to go on IV one afternoon and doc ordered me to be a "lady of leisure" aww shucks TWIST MY ARM will ya Well I got a ton of beading done over that time and quite a bit of knitting. I am on my last sleeve of the cardigan/lace edge jacket below. I probably will be done after tomorrow, but honestly the sleeves are scaring me. They seem to have these four rows at the top and I just have no idea how they are going to fit/seem up. Also I have a new rule - ALL SLEEVES AND FRONTS basically anything that is supposed to match MUST BE DONE AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!! I cannot remember what I ate for breakfast much less remember all the rows/repeats, increase, decrease yada yayayaya so next time instead of spending a gazillion hours checking and rechecking I am going to do them together!
Always learning.
Well I am making up a 101 things about me so stay tuned.
Also - I have a blog for stacyzdesigns on blogger for a while. It went deserted when I had lil' r but I am resurrecting it as well. Since I started the knit blog I thought I would do it here (blogdrive) thinking it would be best to have two separate usernames and places, but I am starting to wonder. I am having issues on loading this and also figuring out how to respond to who knows I may change soon enough.
Well I have a few more posts I need to work up. We have family updates with our move. I also need to take pics tonight/tomorrow so I can show all the WIP. I also decided to nix the CP lace shrug and just go for Carolina from rowan I am working on the ribbing right now there are a gazillion rows (well just like 150 so not really a gazillion but I am known to over exaggerate everything by at least a million) I am about 1/3 the way thru on that. I tried out the lace pattern that is on the sleeve. I think I will practice some more with some scrap yarn just so I can get it down.
Also, in my ever crazy state I am also working on creating a new pattern. Yes I know I have not been knitting long at all, but I want to try. We shall see...I am pretty excited and I got the idea in my to get my fingers to make it take shape!

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