Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Final Destination Moment

So I had a Final Destination moment today. You see I had to get to work early today to prep for a meeting with my boss. I usually go one route to work and drop off bruiser on the way in at daycare. Well today B took bruiser in because I needed to be early. Well as I was at the light RIGHT before getting on the freeway on ramp B called.


No we do not have two yet we still have the portable bucket. Well I turned around immediately to give it to him. He was waiting outside. This was about a 5 minute detour. Well when I got back to the same intersection I see fire trucks and ambulances coming up and the freeway was DEAD STOPPED! On NPR came a flash that freeway 50 was closed TWO BIG RIGGS COLLIDED RIGHT where I was suppose to get on. THE COLLIDED THE SAME MINUTE according to the time at Sacbee.com - umm yeah from looking at this picture that is EXACTLY where I would of been lane and all because of my snazzy carpool sticker.

PHEW I will hug B and bruiser tonight!

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