Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stitchmarkers, Candy Floss and SPEED KNITTER

Yesterday I received a gorgeous set of stitchmarkers from Lynnea (from the swapastitchmarker swap from knittyboard) they arrived at the same time as my gorgeous new yarn from sweetgeorgia I could not get a great pic but here they are together.

Aren't they both so pretty? The yarn is a GORGEOUS blue that reminds me of Negril...ahhh honeymoon. Ahhh free cocktails with waitresses all day serving.

Here is the amazing thing about the stitch markers. It truly gave me chills. The charms used in the stitch markers were the SAME EXACT ones that I used for all my bridesmaids in my wedding. I stitched a little charm into each of the purses I made for them. The read: Hope, Love, Believe, Dream, & Peace (if I remember off the top of my head correctly ;) ) I thought that was REALLY cool! So these will DEFINITELY be treasured for a lifetime THANK YOU!!!!!



Baby Bolero: This one will definitely be done. I just have the final ribbing and one sleeve then seam her up time :) WOOHOO!

Wrap Cardi from Rebecca: I am 80% up both fronts. I made some error somewhere, but I am unsure where it occured. I put both pieces up against eachother and you cannot see a difference so I am treking along. I hope this one is doable, but with me having to drive down south I am unsure. I was expecting a good 4 hours of knitting time.

Carolina: Well Carolina is on hold. I came to the realization that she really will need more time. I am fine with that and expect to take her for knitting while I am there. I will have to fix my dreaded cast on error though before leaving or while we are at my parents. Wish me luck there!

*Calling me Speed Knitter is really a joke because actually I am a pretty pathetically slow knitter. Lets hope I get faster with time ;)

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