Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I am.so.upset....sooo upset. Here was my post on the coffeeshop


Okay NOW that I have gotten that off my chest here is my problem. I am PRAYING someone can PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!

Okay the pattern is Carolina from Rowan 39.

Now this is my FIRST venture with lace and lace weight yarn and also my first venture with Rowan and english (like UK english) patterns. I SHOULD have known better. I am a pretty new knitter, but I am rather adventurous so I am willing to try anything to get this to work.

I am also willing to have it look less than perfect if that is what has to occur...soo here is the issue:

I thought when at the end it said pick up the stitches that I just picked up stitches...looking at the pattern I am realizing that I should of provisional cast on for this KSH. YEAH - KSH snowballs chance in you know where that I can frog this whole thing.

Also, I am realizing now that my cast on is probably not stretchy enough either... Well I am done with the center part. 10 more rows to go - so frogging this is really not an option... SOOOO does ANYONE HAVE A SUGGESTION. I am sriously in tears here. I canNOT believe I am so DUMB!

Thanks for letting me rant and ANY HELP is SOOO appreciative I cannot even explain.

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