Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pug Yarn

Why is it pug yarn...because this is yarn so ugly only a mother could love.

My first handspun and first dropspindle adventure...

I would do more but 2 seconds ago trying to start my coffee washing my beloved french press this happened:

Off to the coffee shop must.go.put.on.bra

OKAY and the RADIO is RUTHLESS rightnow...there is a song about having the coffee black on...bastards!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Almost the end...

of Breast Cancer Awareness and Soctoberfest Months...

Well as some of you may know, before we moved we had a BIG scare in the Z house around Breast Cancer. The short version of the story is that I had mastisis at least 4 times (there were 3 other times I was very sick which could of been related to that during this time period...the more I look back at how sick I was and what I did to offset it the more I think it was mastisis starting up) and I had lumps in my breast that would not go away. I was breastfeeding our son so mastisis was not unconceivable, but alas the doctor was concerned because the lumps would not go away with medication and the frequency of the mastisis. Well we went to a specialist and I was given the clear, but I had to stop breastfeeding to make sure. Our son was a year old so we decided to stop for my health. The lumps are now gone, but I still have to watch very closely the girls. So this was a big wake up call and breast cancer is now something I will care very deeply about. Sooo when the State of Colorado offered me pink breast cancer awareness plates I happily paid the extra fee and got them for the Prius...

Now onto Soctoberfest:
The wonderful Lolly set up a great KAL that is lowkey for us knitters of the this is good for me because goodness knows I am not the greatest at keeping up. I signed up for this as encouragement to finish the socks I am knitting for Brad for his birthday. The birthday is Nov 9th so I thought great I will work on them this month anyways have I touched the socks this month...NOO. These are my first pair of socks done in Koigu and it is a great yarn...I am just so selfish that I can't bare to part with my lace leaf sweater (on to grafting today so pics VERY VERY SOON!) Well here is the sock I have about 1.5 more inches and getting ready to turn the heel...maybe that is the problem because honestly that scares me a bit....without further ado my first sock the father son socks from the Fall IK '06. I plan on making R some matching I gotta get a move on!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ben Franklin

Yeah what am I Ben Franklin or something? Early to bed Early to Rise makes you healthy wealthy strong and wise...hmmm maybe I just need to go to bed earlier then because all I want now is a black pot of I did not say cup of coffee I need the whole damn pot. Why...

So at freaking zero dark thirty R decides to scream. Note this is my baby that sleeps until 8:00 am so waking mommy when there are not even birds singing is not too cool. I go in there hold his hand, lay on the floor, get him milk...the milk put him out. Mental note buy a refrigerator for the kids room...walking down the stairs when still asleep just too much for my poor old bones to do. So I get him some milk and he goes to sleep. I look at the internet for a bit just to be close (next room) while he goes sees Mr. Sandman some more. Okay kid is OUT! I sneak back into bed (DH was up to about 2 am yeah we want him to sleep) pull the covers over and hit something on the nightstand. Dammit! Was that my water? I reach over to feel. No it wasn't but shit if I did not just f-ing knock over that blasted water! FUUUCK - but screamed inside softly as to not awaken DH. So turn on the lights clean up the water move the nightstand clean up there...see what I knocked over. Yeah that should have been INSIDE the nightstand...don't ask.

So alas all hope of falling back asleep is fading as fast as the night as I peer out onto the sunrise. Crap. Guess I'll knit with coffee in peace for once. Who knows this may become habit...I am liking the quite before the storm.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Where have they gone...

Rhinebeck that is where...alas we are still here in CO. Man I hope everyone comes back with some amazing stories and yarn porn to share...I have been dying all weekend.

But this weekend was not totally uneventful...

I got:
- swap of 3 skiens of LL ooohhh yummy my first LL
- some terra acorn and manos from my enabler weezalana (luv her!)
- 4 skeins (of about 600 yards each) of a latte color wool and a heathered grey alpalca from LambSpuns bi-yearly sale. If I was not on a purchasing freeze I would of spent...much much more. In fact I wanted to drive the hour up there all weekend to buy more...still bummed I didn't!
- Rowan Classic Style book. I.AM.IN.LOVE! There are two sweaters and a purse that I am just itching to get started.
- Also late the the game...I finally got the KP Option needles. Love them...did not work so well for the mohair but other than that they are great!

I worked on:
- This ** close to finishing the lace leaf sweater!!! Just a few more rows to fact that is where I am headed right now!
- My office...still coming along, but so much better.
- Drooling over RYC oh that book is YUMMY!!!!

I finished:
- My ISE Scarf - it is blocking on the guest bed right now!
- 15 sets of stitchmarkers to send back to a store in CA
- I created a kick a$$ if I do say so myself row counter. I was screaming BRILLIANT around the house for at least 2 hours! I will show pics soon.
- about 20 beads from was my first venture. I think they are pretty cool. I got more to make some more for stitchmarkers. I hope to add those soon.

Off to knit! I cannot wait to hear about all the cool amazing purchases tomorrow...No rest ladies RECAP ;)

*like I have any room to talk/type lol

Monday, October 16, 2006

Dinner and Crack Smokers

Seriously who asks, "what's for dinner" at 10:20 at night! My husband that is is he crazy!?

Umm if I was going to make dinner don't cha think I would of done so oh umm - about 5 hours ago! We went to "lunch" at 4:00 - yeah I'm not so hungry.

What have I been doing for the past 5 hours???

Oh trying to find a freaking substitute for the insanely expensive Joseph Galler's "Mimosa Cashmere" yarn that is used for the new VK sweater/pattern #3. It is a gorgeous lace pullover and I am in love. Will I spend $375 to knit this in my size in the recommended I'll give you one guess...and if you get it wrong I will ask you where your crack pipe is.

Freaking $375

Dude $375!!!!!


Freaking Crack Smokers!!!!!

So if anyone has a suggestion for a cashmere boucle I would so appreciate any suggestions you have. No it does not need to be cashmere...I put down my crack pipe eons ago and therefore will not be buying this yarn. That and even though he asks for dinner at freaking 10:30 (thank goodness for the frozen pizza stash in the freezer) I still do love the goof and don't wish to go to divorce court because I swear it would be close if I spend THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS for an "unassembled sweater" as he likes to call yarn.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'd Like to thank the Academy

For the worst blogger award! I am just kidding, but honestly I KNOW I deserve this one. The craziness of life is not an excuse because I know EVERYONE has that but man I never thought being a SAHM would be so busy. I mean it is almost noon and I have yet to shower...I know I am awful. R is down for a nap so I thought I would do a quick post before he wakes....crossing fingers I can get a bath in too lol.

Well the house is still a disaster here is the current state of the floors and painting:
You can see that the walls are slightly two toned with the bump out that composes the dining room slightly darker. We are also going to strip and stain the bannister to match.

I have not been knitting much but mostly painting. The biggest job has been R's playroom. Since this picture has been taken we have a huge orange octopus, seahorse, gold and blue fish, and two crabs on the wall. I decided to just get the toys in there and I would finish the mural while he plays because it is a lenthy process. Here is a pic before the animals were added:

October has been kicked off with a much fanfare. We have many cool things happening here in blogland...first there is Soctoberfest and all that goodness as well as it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Both of those deserve seperate posts, but they will have to wait until I shower.