Sunday, October 22, 2006

Where have they gone...

Rhinebeck that is where...alas we are still here in CO. Man I hope everyone comes back with some amazing stories and yarn porn to share...I have been dying all weekend.

But this weekend was not totally uneventful...

I got:
- swap of 3 skiens of LL ooohhh yummy my first LL
- some terra acorn and manos from my enabler weezalana (luv her!)
- 4 skeins (of about 600 yards each) of a latte color wool and a heathered grey alpalca from LambSpuns bi-yearly sale. If I was not on a purchasing freeze I would of spent...much much more. In fact I wanted to drive the hour up there all weekend to buy more...still bummed I didn't!
- Rowan Classic Style book. I.AM.IN.LOVE! There are two sweaters and a purse that I am just itching to get started.
- Also late the the game...I finally got the KP Option needles. Love them...did not work so well for the mohair but other than that they are great!

I worked on:
- This ** close to finishing the lace leaf sweater!!! Just a few more rows to fact that is where I am headed right now!
- My office...still coming along, but so much better.
- Drooling over RYC oh that book is YUMMY!!!!

I finished:
- My ISE Scarf - it is blocking on the guest bed right now!
- 15 sets of stitchmarkers to send back to a store in CA
- I created a kick a$$ if I do say so myself row counter. I was screaming BRILLIANT around the house for at least 2 hours! I will show pics soon.
- about 20 beads from was my first venture. I think they are pretty cool. I got more to make some more for stitchmarkers. I hope to add those soon.

Off to knit! I cannot wait to hear about all the cool amazing purchases tomorrow...No rest ladies RECAP ;)

*like I have any room to talk/type lol

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