Monday, October 16, 2006

Dinner and Crack Smokers

Seriously who asks, "what's for dinner" at 10:20 at night! My husband that is is he crazy!?

Umm if I was going to make dinner don't cha think I would of done so oh umm - about 5 hours ago! We went to "lunch" at 4:00 - yeah I'm not so hungry.

What have I been doing for the past 5 hours???

Oh trying to find a freaking substitute for the insanely expensive Joseph Galler's "Mimosa Cashmere" yarn that is used for the new VK sweater/pattern #3. It is a gorgeous lace pullover and I am in love. Will I spend $375 to knit this in my size in the recommended I'll give you one guess...and if you get it wrong I will ask you where your crack pipe is.

Freaking $375

Dude $375!!!!!


Freaking Crack Smokers!!!!!

So if anyone has a suggestion for a cashmere boucle I would so appreciate any suggestions you have. No it does not need to be cashmere...I put down my crack pipe eons ago and therefore will not be buying this yarn. That and even though he asks for dinner at freaking 10:30 (thank goodness for the frozen pizza stash in the freezer) I still do love the goof and don't wish to go to divorce court because I swear it would be close if I spend THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS for an "unassembled sweater" as he likes to call yarn.


Anonymous said...

Just got VK Knitting and liked #3, so I did a search to see what it would cost to make it. I screamed $62.50 a skein! (though orders over $200. are discounted 15%!)and then I found the link to your blog. Post if you find a way to make it for $100.00 or LESS!

Abra said...

I'm still looking (two years later) for a suitable substitute! Have you found one?