Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ben Franklin

Yeah what am I Ben Franklin or something? Early to bed Early to Rise makes you healthy wealthy strong and wise...hmmm maybe I just need to go to bed earlier then because all I want now is a black pot of coffee...no I did not say cup of coffee I need the whole damn pot. Why...

So at freaking zero dark thirty R decides to scream. Note this is my baby that sleeps until 8:00 am so waking mommy when there are not even birds singing is not too cool. I go in there hold his hand, lay on the floor, get him milk...the milk put him out. Mental note buy a refrigerator for the kids room...walking down the stairs when still asleep just too much for my poor old bones to do. So I get him some milk and he goes to sleep. I look at the internet for a bit just to be close (next room) while he goes sees Mr. Sandman some more. Okay kid is OUT! I sneak back into bed (DH was up to about 2 am working...so yeah we want him to sleep) pull the covers over and hit something on the nightstand. Dammit! Was that my water? I reach over to feel. No it wasn't but shit if I did not just f-ing knock over that blasted water! FUUUCK - but screamed inside softly as to not awaken DH. So turn on the lights clean up the water move the nightstand clean up there...see what I knocked over. Yeah that should have been INSIDE the nightstand...don't ask.

So alas all hope of falling back asleep is fading as fast as the night as I peer out onto the sunrise. Crap. Guess I'll knit with coffee in peace for once. Who knows this may become habit...I am liking the quite before the storm.

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