Tuesday, August 14, 2007


From Ravelry -

Found you!
  • You signed up on June 14, 2007
  • You are #8935 on the list.
  • 200 people are ahead of you in line.
  • 16232 people are behind you in line.
  • 34% of the list has been invited so far
In other news right now they are cleaning our carpets from the mess they made and h2o damage and Gary is putting in the basement. We have to paint the basement and kitchen and family room today - This weekend is a party here to celebrate R's second b-day and our house FINALLY a home - hopefully. So I have been balls to the walls for the last 6 days...

Also - www.stacyzphotography.blogspot.com is live!!! If you live in Denver and want a photoshoot let me know. I need to build my portfolio more and I would love to work with you!


toodaloo my kangaroos.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Well Hello

Well Hello
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I have been working like crazy the last few weeks. I hope to have my new site www.stacyzphotography.com up in the next couple of weeks.

Oh so did you figure it out yet? I think that hint was pretty much telling you ;)

I also started a photography journal. I gotta be honest I debated going with typepad, squarespace, mac or wordpress. I even tried to create a blog in all but the wordpress (mental note cancel typepad) but in the end I decided to stay with a format I semi know so here we go: http://stacyzphotography.blogspot.com/

Please stop by and say hello!!!

Side note on the house - we got floors last week. I swear I wanted to roll around nekkid on them...remember I had no floors and they were awful and dusty so these wood floors that I can keep clean are fantasmic!! But have the construction guys been out to finish the rest? Umm no totally just did not show on Thursday and then called Friday at 1 to say they did not think they would make it. I mean come on people!!!! I wonder if I can figure out how to write a contract that says every day they do not show $60 gets taken off the final bill. I could have been able to get this house built for free!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Kite Time
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Today B and I have been married 4 years...so far we have:

Lived in 4 houses
Remodeled 2 houses 3 times (on the third time because of THE FLOOD)
Built a pool
Built 3 businesses
Had a little boy
Visited the Caribbean Thrice
Moved 3 Times

And had a blast!

Wow babe happy anniversary. Love You!

And as I do every anniversary I went back to look at my wedding collage. Even though my photographer is not doing weddings anymore I REALLY hope he does NOT take these down.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Light in His Eyes

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Took this picture on Wednesday...I love the light in J's eyes....amazing. J was the sweetest little boy. His grandpa is actually an amazing photographer that goes on tour with Leica...I was so nervous to take pictures of these boys...luckily their mom is a great friend of mine and the sweetest to boot. The funny thing is that these boys are such posers and want to see every photo in the LCD after the shot. Loved it. I had so much fun.

Thank you Heather!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

R Playing Outside

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A photo a day...starting here and will continue on my future pro blog...

Can you figure out what is going on yet???

Oh and we now do not have a bathroom in addition to being w/o floors. it is 1:00 and the contractor has not shown up yet...do I REALLy need to say more?

Monday, July 16, 2007


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This is my friend Katie. She is a sneak peak at what new blog is yet to come...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Darn It!

I went to post to destash and I see I am not on there anymore!!! This totally STINKS!!!! I got a TON of stuff to sell asap!!! Why?????...oh I "won" something on ebay by accident LOL I cannot believe I did that! I NEVER thought I would win. OOPSIE!!! I did get her for a steal, but still OOPS!!!! I have all the pictures up on my flickr page:

If you like anything PLEASE let me know. I promise all items are more than reasonable!

Also, you can see that I have been busy trying to get stuff up on my etsy site. I still have a bunch of jewelry to post. I will be dying tomorrow so look out for some more roving in the works. Here is one listed on there right now:

I would love to know your opinions on all the items. As far as knitting goes...I am working my fingers to the bones working out some dolly patterns to start creating sweaters and kits for. Like I said...I gotta get stuff sold FAST!!!!

What did I do???!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

For Sarah

For Sarah
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Luxe Fiber batte plied with silk beading thread strung with felt flowers. I hope you like it Sarah! You asked for funky and well IT IS! I am going to make up a few more flowers that you can sew on your FO to finish the pieces. I have to wash this now and let it dry then it will be off to you!!

I am working on a few other yarns and FO's getting stuff ready for my cafepress shop, etsy and the StacyZ.com website.

Fun stuff in the works stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


HI HO HI HO Its tons of FOs to go.

Well they are not actually really BIG FO's but FO's all the same. I was told I need to post my FOs sorry about that. I am really bad at summaries. Since being at my parents my mom has taught me how to sew so I have been having a bit of fun with that. The dress on the left here is the first think I ever sewn. This was while my mom was in the hospital so under no supervision. She just showed me how to operate the machine before she left. I am pretty proud, but the next one I will make the bodice more fitted. I also haven't decided if I want to put buttons or velcro on the back closure:

The hat Sol (the brunette) is wear I call the pixie hat. It is super cute. I am going to work on the tassel on the top. Here is another picture of Tace wearing one with Sol in the background - made from malabrigo that I actually navajo plied as an experiment. I may do another skein to make more hats these are too freaking cute!!!! The coral sweater is one of the girls comfy sunday morning sweaters.

Since I have learned to sew I have been going on a binge. My mom has a good sewing machine and I wanted to get some done before I get home to my not so great machine.

Now onto dolly sweaters. These are all done with the top down method written in Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top book. None of them were from patterns. I hate to admit that I did not write the patterns down. I am going to try to recreate them. First I must thank weezalana for the yarn. She gave me left over sock bits which were/are PERFECTO for such creations!!!

Pattern by me off the cuff sock yarn by Posh Yarn orchard colorway:

I'm sure glad I brought all that yarn now!!!!

Thank you everyone for your well wishes regarding the house. Our insurance company has actually been amazing. They had cleanup out there within an hour and are taking care of most everything. B does have to go to Mexico again for work for a few weeks so I have to go out to CO to supervise the construction on Monday. My dad and mom are coming too. Construction starts tomorrow morning though. So that is good. They have been working out to make sure there is no mold issue the last couple of weeks. Thank goodness we do not have that issue. We thought the leak was happening the whole time we were gone turns out it just happened a couple of days before B got home. Yeah all that damage in a couple of days! We so will be turning off the water when we leave again!!

Night ladies. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How they dry out a house

Water Drying
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Well here are fans running at my house. Why are fans running at my house you asked? Well it turns out a toilet tank leaked without us knowing while on vacation for almost 2 weeks, and it flooded the house from the upstairs down to thru the kitchen and down to the basement. Walls have had to be removed to the studs and the entire ceiling in the kitchen is gone. B is actually back in CO while R and I are staying in CA with my parents during construction. It did not hit me until I saw all the pics. My house my just remodeled house is ruined. I am so incredibly bummed out right now I cannot even explain.

If you want to see what damage a little leak can do all the pics are on my flickr account here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/adoreone/sets/72157600123008550/

Those are the "best" ones.

Well guess I will not be spinning for a while. Good thing I brought all that yarn too!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

I am crazy

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I do not know why when I am on vacation I have a VERY unrealistic idea of what I can actually knit in a given timeframe...

We are on the road in Telluride today this is a photo from the hotel room. I cannot believe DH did not give me too much grief for this.

I am on the first side of the wraparound now The lacy sweater is moving VERY fast.

Tace (the blond) up there is modeling a sweater I knit her. She wants to thank Auntie C for the pretty yarn.

Also to check out our dye day go look at Jennifer/Lilac Knits blog - and tell her congratulations she has some VERY big news!!!! :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Birthday Girl

Watch the Flowers Grow
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I also had my birthday! Yup Easter Sunday was my 32nd Birthday. What did I ask for for my birthday? Yes it was a VERY grownup present. I got DOLLIES!!!! I know I am such a dork! Actually I got 3 Blythe dolls. One was from my parents, and that is still in the mail, she is coming from Japan. The other two I actually got and put away one was for Easter and one my birthday.

Here is Sol watering the flowers in our backyard. I need to take pics of the other girls and probably will today if this wind dies down a bit.

Oh and on knitting front. The Airy Lace Wrap-around from Fitted knits is flying off the needles I start the fronts tonight at SNB!

Finally Got Something on Etsy

Pink Pearl
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Well looking back it seems as if I have been gone forever. Really I haven't promise. I have been working on getting my new site up and going. It looks like I should have it up later today or early tommorrow.

I posted my first items on etsy. And adding that to the side bar.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Whoooooooooooooooo (ghost sounds whatever they are)

So last night at midnight B came to me and said, "Stac I think the job I have tomorrow you will want to go on"

me - "huh"

B - "it is the site of where The Shining was filmed"

me - "Whoa"

Then we went and looked on Wikipedia - The Stanley Hotel. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanley_Hotel

umm yeah Stephen King wrote the book while staying there and hearing voices of ghosts.

So today...we are going to a HAUNTED HOTEL.... look at the info it is crazy!!!!!!!

Man I wish I had my dolls already can you imagine the cool pictures????

Here is a link to the picture I wish I could figure out how to post this one here.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Talk about Funky!

Funky Yarn for Plucky Knitter
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I made this for Plucky Knitter. We will be plying it with silk thread that is threaded with felt flowers. I cannot wait to see how it turns out. This is by far the funkiest thing I have ever made. Right now I am whipping up the march Spunky Fiber Club. It is called daffodil and is AMAZING!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yarn P0RN!!!!! AKA Trip to Brown Sheep

Friday, my spinning friend L and I went up to Brown Sheep in Nebraska. We got up at zero dark :30...picked up bagels and were on our way. We got a little lost from the mapquest directions on the way, but got there at about 12:30. R ran around. The lady that worked the store loved R and we got to all go on a tour. He was in heaven with the machines. We were in heaven when she showed us the piles of "scraps" we could go thru. It was pretty funny. When we were going thru the scraps Sherry was walking R around meeting all the other ladies there. Yeah he was hamming it up.

They were a bit low that day but we still made out. I picked up a bunch for friends, and this plus a 30lb "bump" for myself.

The trip back was not so great. R just screamed at the freaking TOP of his lungs I was mortified. He was obviously ticked off at being back in the car. Well maybe he knew what was coming up. Yes people 10 minutes (less really) from Cheyenne we RAN.OUT.OF.GAS. No that was not a typo...yes you read that right...yes we ran out of gas. Thank GOODNESS L had road side assistance. I was freaking miserable dying freaking out, but we arrived in Cheyenne at the gas station 45-60 minutes later then it was Starbucks...thank you Starbucks...ahhhh

Damn You Bloglines!!

*She screams with her fist in the air...very melodramatic here.*

Yesterday it appeared as NO ONE was updating their blog. NO.ONE. Well I finially just clicked on the categories and saw that there were updates. But what shook me to my core was I saw that Brooklyn Handspun UPDATED her store!!!! I SAW THAT I MISSED IT!!!!!!! More importantly I MISSED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets take a moment of silence.

Okay that's enough. Well I have a confession...I bought a Mac!!!!! OMG I have gone over to the dark side. Oh yes I have. Last weekend I took 3 hours of classes at the Mac store. ALL FREE! How cool is that? I am learning how to really use my machine. I got the machine to create my website. WHICH I have ALREADY started. I am hoping to have something up by the end of the month!!! YES just a FEW weeks away. I am already testing it out on the .mac site and it is PRETTY!!!!! I will be moving my blog over there too when the time comes. ALSO - I have made a commitment to myself. EVERY.DAY this week I will blog. YES well starting today. I PROMISE a picture a day. I got a gazillion FO's here to share...so I gotta get on the horn. So stay tuned. R just went down for his nap. I have 12 more rows on an important FO so I am gonna go move. Until then I will share with you my stitchmarkers that I am sending to All Things Heather - She had a great charity drive last week. I am SURE you heard about it.
See you all tomorrow. I have to package up a bunch and take pictures from my trip to Brown Sheep...oh yeah...ROLLING in Fluffy!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I just sent the rough draft Dee for review...

Off to take pictures, and schedule a hair appointment.

WOW my fingers literally HURT.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Friend & New Book

So on Friday I went down to Littleton to hang out with my new friend who I met back in November Nachaele. Nachaele is so nice and she is one of those people you feel good just to be in her company. I cannot wait to hang out again. Here is a picture of us from Friday night:
Yesterday DH showed up with part of my valentines gift. I told him I wanted the Rowan mag and yarn for a project from there custom dyed by my friend Dee. Right now I am looking at a few projects and I cannot decide. Here are the top contenders. There are two projects in Calmer that I love but those I will be buying the real yarn...these I am in debate on which one to choose.

I am really in debate on which one to select. I am leaning to the two on the left (well leave the tails off the one in the middle) I am thinking for the Lords (the first one on the left) a soft pale pink silver color. The middle pink and silver...as you can tell I love pink and silver.

Well lil' man is in naptime. I am navajo plying some malabrigo to make one of the bulky knits in the new book Fitted Knits. I have to say I LURRVE this book. Well gotta get plying before he wakes up he loves to play with the yarn when I navajo ply and needless to say it is slightly well...it just.does.not.work

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Necessity V Luxury

When I first started knitting I saw the yarn store lovingly put my skein of yarn on this large thing they called a swift and wind it into a ball for me. It looked pretty neat, but definitely an expensive tool just needed by the yarn store. No way would I ever NEED one of those.

Well today put me over the dark end and I just ordered myself on of those little luxuries. What put me over the dark end...now you should be sitting down for this. You should have a nice drink in your hand...you ready? This is cashmere remember:

The other half of the skein was here nice and safe:

And 2 Hours Later...

Obviously someone thought this was really hilarious!

At the end of it all we do have puppy love:

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thoughts on Designing...

So I have been designing jewelry since I can remember. I love working with the colors and the wire and create new and amazing things. I especially like it when I make something that I was not expecting and it turns out better than that I originally planned. I know I get frustrated but I go with the flow and surprise something amazing happens. Or I scratch it all and put the wire in my to be recycled bag...now on to knitting.

I started knitting last year. You know to make things for lil' R.* What I loved most was looking through pattern books. Immediately thinking of how I could tweak this or that. I scavenged how to design things, and read patterns for fun.

Fast forward to the beginning of the month. I was talking to Dee, of Posh Yarn, and we were chatting about her silk boucle (which I think is an amazing and unique yarn) and how she needed a pattern for it. I busted out - "I could work one up for you" So we chatted and it was figured out that I would be designing something out of this yarn I have seen, had in my stash , but alas never yet knit. I would take what I had on the cruise and start playing with it while Dee dyed up a colorway of her choice and mail it across the pond to me. Well the new yarn got here on Friday and I started. Quickly I discovered I did not like my chosen stitch with this yarn. I was wondering and worrying about what I had gotten myself into. I was feeling REALLY down about the whole situation. I went to knit with my girlfriend and she agreed yarn lovely, stitch would normally be lovely, but these two were not a marriage at all. Well I sat there and pondered. I brought a ball to swatch and spare needles in my size and just casted on. I decided to just knit and knit simple garter stitch. I knew that reverse stockinette highlighted this fabric. I thought maybe just maybe garter stitch would give me the thickness and the stiffness I was looking for. Well 5 rows in was promising. 10 rows in it was confirmed GARTER stitch it was!!!!! The design has now changed. I am going with the flow. I am so excited about this project now. I have a renewed since of hope and excitement for what is flying off my needles. Just what I feel like I was born to do. Designing and changing and working with my materials and making something to highlight them something entirely new.

Good gawd I am seriously a dork I know!

*yes I know I have only finished two items for him...but lets not go there.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Feeling all Tingly...

I finally got the courage and paid for my STR club! I had the code there almost a month just shaking at the thought of spending that amount. I just went for it...Lets hope I don't get grounded for too long lol

Whoa I feel all tingly now. I cannot believe I did this!!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

How a MONTH FLIES BY!!!!!!!!!!!

Well as we left Adore Knits we were stuck in snow in Denver and getting ready to leave for California for the holidays. What I did not tell everyone about was our cruise that we were taking just 2 days after we got home. So here is a quick synopsis there is a TON to update here.

  • Went to CA on Christmas day saw both sides of our family we left with 2 suitcases one big and one small...we came back with 4 LARGE suitcases all at the max weight! Oh and 3 boxes my mom had to ship back. My parents got us small electronics...my MIL (who is a VERY nice lady, but sometimes we have butted heads. She adores little R so please do not think my bitching a bit means I do not like her or anything it is just comical to my sarcastic sense of humor...and I asked her not to spoil him. Alas, Christmas is her thing and she definitely spoiled all of us) well she got me a set of pots and pans! DH a roomba - and lil' R more stuff than I EVER thought was possible. Ummm yeah he has clothes literally for the next year.
  • We went up to Nor Cal for NYE and saw Jackie Greene. Seriously this guy rocks. If you ever have a chance to see him DO! Honestly though, the show was not one of his best. It was good but not fantabulous.
  • DH stayed in NorCal for work for the next week. I went back to my parents and then my dad flew home with me to help. Good thing! I have NO idea how I would of done it alone. We got to move our flight one day because of another storm that shut down the airport. We were fine, but our initial flight had us arriving at 10:30 PM and I did not want to get stuck with no 4-wheel drive AND a baby!
  • DH came home the next afternoon we flew to Florida for our cruise.
  • It was "moe.cruise" which means a band called moe. played every night. Yes we went specifically to go see the band.
  • R went to a few of the shows. He loved it. Here is a pic of him at the acoustic set. From time to time all the members would stick their tongue out or laugh at him. He was actually REALLY boogying.Our friends took that picture and it was on the moe. myspace page for a bit. I had no idea they told us this week...more on that soon.
  • My business site went down early in January. I emailed my web designer. I was stuck getting ready to go on the cruise and I never heard back. I came back and discovered her site was down. I found this. Yup I am screwed. Lost all my customers and my files well EVERYTHING! I am looking at this as a blessing in disguise. I actually had the site closed with a splash page because I was going to rework everything. In fact she had/has $250 of my money as a down payment for the upgrade. Good thing DH is taking it well and we will get up and going again really soon. I may end up combining the jewelry info with this blog. If I do it will be under my own URL but I will let you all know about that too - no worries there. Don't think I have many subscribers, but I do love you all that do read. :)
  • Well Dee at Posh Yarn has asked me to design a sweater with her silk boucle. We were chatting before leaving on the cruise (she was the first to let me know my site was down!) and long story short I will be designing something amazing for her that I gotta get cranking on because it will hopefully be in Magknits in April. I talked to Dee and saw on Magknits that I can blog about it, but I need to be a bit vague. I am super excited to share with you this fun adventure. I promise to be a better blogger and share with everyone more pictures.
  • Speaking of the progress: Yesterday, my yarn arrived from Dee it is a gorgeous silvery lavender/blue shade. Almost reminds me of a crocus flower. I swatched with some in another colorway on the cruise. Now I just need to finish some calculations and get knitting. It will be an easy knit that should fancy up any wardrobe, but look amazing with jeans as well.
  • I think my photo shoot for the Magknits picture will be the PERFECT excuse to shop for a cute skirt and get my hair did. hehehehe I use the term photo shoot loosely...
  • Our new cabinets were put in the day we returned for our cruise. They look A-mazing! Our floor is finally done! So nice to not have black plastic as the flooring. Cork is much more conducive to the lil' man ;)
  • My dad, B and I went with our Realtor to look for investment properties. There may be more on that adventure soon.
  • Moe. is in Denver area this week...
    • Wednesday we went to an instore acoustic show. Lil' R got to go to the sound check while we were picking up our writstbands. All the guys in the band waved at him and he smiled and danced. It was cute because at the signing he remembered the guys from the cruise and was smiling at them and "talking" in his own gibberish way. During the show he was tired, but he still managed to flirt with the ladies behind us and play peak-a-boo with the sound guy and tour manager.
    • Thursday, Friday and Saturday we had a sitter for R.
    • Thursday was OFF THE HOOK
    • Friday was great - but a dumb girl behind me really ticked me off. She actually was HITTING me during the show with her dancing (we were RIGHT up front) and told me that I should not be up front if I did not want to be hit. WHOA! Excuse me...do you have ANY idea how many times I have seen these guys and have NEVER had this issue. At one point (after many attempts at asking her to stop) I actually pushed her with both hands and screamed STOP HITTING ME! I have NEVER done that ever. I was almost mortified with myself...good thing I was surrounded by friends who ended up protecting me. I actually moved there to save a guy friend of mine because sometimes girls hit the guys because well guys can't do anything...they usually will stop if a girl asks them even if they will not for the guy. But this girl was out of control! My friend & I "took control of our fun" and went up top that was 100% better...maybe tonight I will save a chair and have a "rail proxy" lol. Sometimes being the sober mom kinda stinks at a show...maybe if I was as gone as her I would of not minded being beat up.
    • I have NO idea if we will make it tonight because right now it is snowing with some HUGE flakes!
Knitting Related:
  • FO's I gotta get on the horn and post about:
    • Misshawklet's Handspun hat of my own pattern
    • Fastest Fingerless gloves ever made out of Chunky Posh Silk/Cashmere blend
    • Mary Jane Pithy Hat
    • Lace Leaf Pullover made in Peace Fleece
  • WIPS - yes I do have TOO many of these:
    • RYC Harmony Sweater in Alpaca
    • Eunny Jang Endpaper Mitts
    • Posh/Malabrigo Scarf
    • Hedera Socks in Posh Yarn Orchard Colorway
    • B's Koigu Socks
    • Rowan Carolina Sweater
    • YK Sweater
    • POSH - This is the #1 Priority!!!!!!
  • Frost Jacket is not on the WIP list because she is on the edge of the frog pond. I screwed up the cable & I think I should just start over...but will have to wait for the Posh...so alas not thinking of th Frost these days :( oh well who could resist silk :)
Okay I am off to wash fleece for my spinning class I started last week (well a week ago Thursday we are in our second week). I also need to ball up the Crocus Posh...but that will happen after monster naps...baby and yarn not in a ball is a recipe for disaster.

I will be back soon...missed you ladies!