Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yarn P0RN!!!!! AKA Trip to Brown Sheep

Friday, my spinning friend L and I went up to Brown Sheep in Nebraska. We got up at zero dark :30...picked up bagels and were on our way. We got a little lost from the mapquest directions on the way, but got there at about 12:30. R ran around. The lady that worked the store loved R and we got to all go on a tour. He was in heaven with the machines. We were in heaven when she showed us the piles of "scraps" we could go thru. It was pretty funny. When we were going thru the scraps Sherry was walking R around meeting all the other ladies there. Yeah he was hamming it up.

They were a bit low that day but we still made out. I picked up a bunch for friends, and this plus a 30lb "bump" for myself.

The trip back was not so great. R just screamed at the freaking TOP of his lungs I was mortified. He was obviously ticked off at being back in the car. Well maybe he knew what was coming up. Yes people 10 minutes (less really) from Cheyenne we RAN.OUT.OF.GAS. No that was not a typo...yes you read that right...yes we ran out of gas. Thank GOODNESS L had road side assistance. I was freaking miserable dying freaking out, but we arrived in Cheyenne at the gas station 45-60 minutes later then it was Starbucks...thank you Starbucks...ahhhh


AmysBabies said...

Ya know, I am going to be in Nebraska this Spring. I might have to make a side trip ;)

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Isn't it a blast?!?!? We were so surprised when we first went last year at how close it really is. Though somehow we never made it back up until this year so I did a lot of damage this time around :-)

Kendra said...

Wow that looks like an impressive haul!

Sarah said...

Starbucks....so good. Almost makes up for the running out of gas. Almost. Oh, and that's quite a "bump".

: )

Star said...

your bump is hot! I'm gonna get my hands on it!!!