Monday, March 26, 2007

Talk about Funky!

Funky Yarn for Plucky Knitter
Originally uploaded by Adore_One.

I made this for Plucky Knitter. We will be plying it with silk thread that is threaded with felt flowers. I cannot wait to see how it turns out. This is by far the funkiest thing I have ever made. Right now I am whipping up the march Spunky Fiber Club. It is called daffodil and is AMAZING!!!!


AmysBabies said...

You should come over to the Spunky Club-along blog when you are done!

Amy (bixby2 on craftster)

Sarah said...

Stacy~ You are such a sweetie! Really, just wonderful! Thank you so much....(can you hear me gushing all the way from the midwest?).

Amanda1 said...

Ahhh, that Plucky, she's a special one! That is a great gift!