Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Damn You Bloglines!!

*She screams with her fist in the air...very melodramatic here.*

Yesterday it appeared as NO ONE was updating their blog. NO.ONE. Well I finially just clicked on the categories and saw that there were updates. But what shook me to my core was I saw that Brooklyn Handspun UPDATED her store!!!! I SAW THAT I MISSED IT!!!!!!! More importantly I MISSED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets take a moment of silence.

Okay that's enough. Well I have a confession...I bought a Mac!!!!! OMG I have gone over to the dark side. Oh yes I have. Last weekend I took 3 hours of classes at the Mac store. ALL FREE! How cool is that? I am learning how to really use my machine. I got the machine to create my website. WHICH I have ALREADY started. I am hoping to have something up by the end of the month!!! YES just a FEW weeks away. I am already testing it out on the .mac site and it is PRETTY!!!!! I will be moving my blog over there too when the time comes. ALSO - I have made a commitment to myself. EVERY.DAY this week I will blog. YES well starting today. I PROMISE a picture a day. I got a gazillion FO's here to share...so I gotta get on the horn. So stay tuned. R just went down for his nap. I have 12 more rows on an important FO so I am gonna go move. Until then I will share with you my stitchmarkers that I am sending to All Things Heather - She had a great charity drive last week. I am SURE you heard about it.
See you all tomorrow. I have to package up a bunch and take pictures from my trip to Brown Sheep...oh yeah...ROLLING in Fluffy!

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AmysBabies said...

OH NO!!! And that yarn was beautiful, stupid bloglines!!

Good luck with your mac :D