Saturday, May 26, 2007

Darn It!

I went to post to destash and I see I am not on there anymore!!! This totally STINKS!!!! I got a TON of stuff to sell asap!!! Why?????...oh I "won" something on ebay by accident LOL I cannot believe I did that! I NEVER thought I would win. OOPSIE!!! I did get her for a steal, but still OOPS!!!! I have all the pictures up on my flickr page:

If you like anything PLEASE let me know. I promise all items are more than reasonable!

Also, you can see that I have been busy trying to get stuff up on my etsy site. I still have a bunch of jewelry to post. I will be dying tomorrow so look out for some more roving in the works. Here is one listed on there right now:

I would love to know your opinions on all the items. As far as knitting goes...I am working my fingers to the bones working out some dolly patterns to start creating sweaters and kits for. Like I said...I gotta get stuff sold FAST!!!!

What did I do???!!!


Westozcaat said...

i'll take the STR off your hands!


Webbies said...

Stumbled across your blog...etsy order coming your way!

Yarn Thing said...

Hey Stacy,

Be sure to check this weeks podcast! You will hear something special just for you!



Purple Princess said...

Stacy where are you? i hope the remodel is going well. Hope to see you soon