Tuesday, May 22, 2007

For Sarah

For Sarah
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Luxe Fiber batte plied with silk beading thread strung with felt flowers. I hope you like it Sarah! You asked for funky and well IT IS! I am going to make up a few more flowers that you can sew on your FO to finish the pieces. I have to wash this now and let it dry then it will be off to you!!

I am working on a few other yarns and FO's getting stuff ready for my cafepress shop, etsy and the StacyZ.com website.

Fun stuff in the works stay tuned!

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Purple Princess said...

Nice job Stacy. I love the one with the pearl beads in it. I also love the Posh Yarn. I am having fun deciding what to make with it. It was good to see you and your mother. I missed you, (not the doll)! See you soon.