Tuesday, May 08, 2007


HI HO HI HO Its tons of FOs to go.

Well they are not actually really BIG FO's but FO's all the same. I was told I need to post my FOs sorry about that. I am really bad at summaries. Since being at my parents my mom has taught me how to sew so I have been having a bit of fun with that. The dress on the left here is the first think I ever sewn. This was while my mom was in the hospital so under no supervision. She just showed me how to operate the machine before she left. I am pretty proud, but the next one I will make the bodice more fitted. I also haven't decided if I want to put buttons or velcro on the back closure:

The hat Sol (the brunette) is wear I call the pixie hat. It is super cute. I am going to work on the tassel on the top. Here is another picture of Tace wearing one with Sol in the background - made from malabrigo that I actually navajo plied as an experiment. I may do another skein to make more hats these are too freaking cute!!!! The coral sweater is one of the girls comfy sunday morning sweaters.

Since I have learned to sew I have been going on a binge. My mom has a good sewing machine and I wanted to get some done before I get home to my not so great machine.

Now onto dolly sweaters. These are all done with the top down method written in Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top book. None of them were from patterns. I hate to admit that I did not write the patterns down. I am going to try to recreate them. First I must thank weezalana for the yarn. She gave me left over sock bits which were/are PERFECTO for such creations!!!

Pattern by me off the cuff sock yarn by Posh Yarn orchard colorway:

I'm sure glad I brought all that yarn now!!!!

Thank you everyone for your well wishes regarding the house. Our insurance company has actually been amazing. They had cleanup out there within an hour and are taking care of most everything. B does have to go to Mexico again for work for a few weeks so I have to go out to CO to supervise the construction on Monday. My dad and mom are coming too. Construction starts tomorrow morning though. So that is good. They have been working out to make sure there is no mold issue the last couple of weeks. Thank goodness we do not have that issue. We thought the leak was happening the whole time we were gone turns out it just happened a couple of days before B got home. Yeah all that damage in a couple of days! We so will be turning off the water when we leave again!!

Night ladies. :)


AmysBabies said...

Your dollies are too cute! Look at them stylin' in their new fashions :D

So glad to hear that the house is getting taken care of quickly. The most distructive force on the planet is water. I am glad the insurance company jumpped on this quick enough to avoid mold.

Sarah said...

those dolls and your little knits are so cute I actually almost can't stand it!!!! I must learn to sew and knit doll clothes!

: )

Knit Eat Sleep said...

You have the best dressed dolls in town!!

Can't wait to see you tonight!!