Friday, April 13, 2007

I am crazy

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I do not know why when I am on vacation I have a VERY unrealistic idea of what I can actually knit in a given timeframe...

We are on the road in Telluride today this is a photo from the hotel room. I cannot believe DH did not give me too much grief for this.

I am on the first side of the wraparound now The lacy sweater is moving VERY fast.

Tace (the blond) up there is modeling a sweater I knit her. She wants to thank Auntie C for the pretty yarn.

Also to check out our dye day go look at Jennifer/Lilac Knits blog - and tell her congratulations she has some VERY big news!!!! :)


Sarah said...

you CRACK me up!!! i pack the very same way when I go on vacation - waaaay over pack the fiber.

have a great trip!!!

Kendra said...

I would be seriously impressed if you managed to knit all of that up!

Purple Princess said...

I really think you can knit all that up, I have seen you knit and I think you are supergirl!

It is fun to bring it all anyway, sometimes I just like to it have it all with me just to be able to look at it!

weezalana said...

What even scarier - how little of your actual stash that much actually makes up. ;)

Tell Tace Auntie C says you're welcome. :) Very cute!