Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Birthday Girl

Watch the Flowers Grow
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I also had my birthday! Yup Easter Sunday was my 32nd Birthday. What did I ask for for my birthday? Yes it was a VERY grownup present. I got DOLLIES!!!! I know I am such a dork! Actually I got 3 Blythe dolls. One was from my parents, and that is still in the mail, she is coming from Japan. The other two I actually got and put away one was for Easter and one my birthday.

Here is Sol watering the flowers in our backyard. I need to take pics of the other girls and probably will today if this wind dies down a bit.

Oh and on knitting front. The Airy Lace Wrap-around from Fitted knits is flying off the needles I start the fronts tonight at SNB!


Sarah said...

Those dolls are so cute! I've never heard of them. Can't wait to see your wrap!!

Judy said...

So glad you could come to Arvada Tuesday night. I like the dolls, not scary, just cute.

Jennifer said...

I didn't know your birthday was so near! Happy belated Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hey you!

Happy Belated birthday!!! I was checking your blog to see what you were up to. So... What's up with the dolls???