Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Necessity V Luxury

When I first started knitting I saw the yarn store lovingly put my skein of yarn on this large thing they called a swift and wind it into a ball for me. It looked pretty neat, but definitely an expensive tool just needed by the yarn store. No way would I ever NEED one of those.

Well today put me over the dark end and I just ordered myself on of those little luxuries. What put me over the dark end...now you should be sitting down for this. You should have a nice drink in your hand...you ready? This is cashmere remember:

The other half of the skein was here nice and safe:

And 2 Hours Later...

Obviously someone thought this was really hilarious!

At the end of it all we do have puppy love:


Anonymous said...

That is a tragedy and good reason to order a swift and ball winder! Plus you have a bag of Malabrigo to wind, so you will need one anyway!

Paper Tiger said...

Ohhh... dude... I've been there, and it sucks.

Speaking as someone who used to hang the skein around her neck and knit from it that way, until it got tangled and cut off my airway and had to be untangled... the swift rocks.

Anonymous said...

Ack! I think I just had a heart attack at the sight of all that cashmere in such a snarl!

But, I must say, it's *almost* worth it for that adorable pic of R!

P.S. Posting anonymously for the reasons we discussed, but you know who this is, dontcha sug. ;)