Friday, July 21, 2006

Speed Knitting and a LYS that ROCKS

So today at lunch I ran over to my lys to get the Barbara Walker Knitting from the Top Down book. Well I had that and of course another skein and needles, although I did resist the LM circs they had. YES I DID! Well I get to the front and realize my wallet was NOT in my purse - but ON MY DESK!

Well my lys rocked they just told me to call them when I got back to work to give them my card. GOTTA LOVE THAT! Phew I did NOT want to make another trip.

I got about 35% done on the baby bolero last night. I think I should be done tonight. I need to finish one of the carolina sleeves and start on the short-row Rebecca cardi. WOW SPEED KNITTING TIME!

Oh and the disaster update...the LYS said that ripping out then knitting down did seem like the best option...oh wish me luck. I will have to do a photoessay on this one!

Everyone have a great weekend.

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Kuky said...

Wow your yarn store is awesome! I wonder if my yarn store would do that? I don't know if I go in frequently enough where they would know me. They seem to recognize me but maybe they're just being friendly. :)