Saturday, July 08, 2006

100 Random Things about MEEEE

Thought I would share my randomness...

  1. I am 31 years old and an Aries…very true to form with that one.
  2. B & I got married at a zoo…okay it was a semi-private zoo/botanical gardens and kicked butt – alas there were still zebras that overlooked our vows and white tigers in the distance.
  3. We have a son who will be a year in August we call him Little R (or lil' r)
  4. I cried when the ultrasound technician told us it was a boy, mostly because I was so sure it was a girl and thus felt so disconnected. B high-fived himself…no really he did. I still feel guilty about crying and love lil' r more than I ever thought I could.
  5. I danced on stage with Prince at a concert…yeah that was rad!
  6. Number 5 was my nickname forever…hence the cool Prince note went at number 5.
    My other nickname was peanut. Yes I had that as an adult.
  7. What is ironic is I am deathly allergic to peanuts I have to carry a shot with me at all times.
  8. My parents have been married for 45 years, but I am their oldest child. Our whole family thought they would never have children.
  9. I have been a swim instructor for babies for 15+ years.
  10. I considered my baby old when we started at 7 months. I was very sad, but stupid weather would not cooperate, and crazy schedule.
  11. Our crazy schedules and not seeing our son enough has prompted my husband and me to move 3 states away and leave CA.
  12. We both are born and raised in Southern California everyone we know is in shock.
  13. B almost moved to Boulder 8 months before he met me, but he said something did not feel right, so he bought a house here in Sacramento.
  14. We always say that house was the smartest financial decision he has ever made…I always pipe in that the smartest decision was me ;)
  15. I picked up B in a bar. My girlfriend said he was smart and had a really good body so I went up to him felt him up and whispered in his ear, "Alana said you had a great body so I had to come check you out for myself". I actually really thought he was a twiggy guy and too skinny for me until I felt him up.
  16. He stole my hairband that night and "charged" me a kiss to get it back…that was a first kiss. We still joke over the corniness of "well it'll cost you" "what?" "a kiss" hahahahahahahaha
  17. As corny as that was -- it and he still melts my heart.
  18. I hated the house that B bought before he met me. B loved it more than anything.
  19. He sold that house for me and we had a new house built.
  20. B hated that city/suburb after we moved there, but we both loved that house.
  21. We sold that house for little move to Boulder.
  22. I make jewelry and purses on top of knitting.
  23. I have not made a purse since I had one selected for an emerging designer of the year honor in a magazine because I just could not figure out how I would of wanted to market them…they were made out of gemstones.
  24. I have never had a McDonalds/Burger King/Wendy's etc hamburger.
  25. I always make up new stuff. I made up a maternity shirt "I am not Buddha" and sold them on my website and in stores when I was pregnant.
  26. My bead/gemstone stash is scary.
  27. Most my jewelry I have made was done with variants on crochet techniques.
  28. The only thing I ever crocheted was jewelry/wire...until I started knitting.
  29. We selected our house partly based on what type of room I would have for beading.
  30. I am thrilled there will be room for yarn in there as well.
  31. My husband and I only really argue about cleaning and decorating.
  32. I am very opinionated on the decorating, but I have to adhere to his rules and it infuriates me.
  33. But I love him more than a stupid couch so sometimes I am unhappy with how the house looks. Most the time I am fine with that.
  34. I am an all or nothing when it comes to cleaning.
  35. DH/B is the clean one…well in terms of picking up. Thank goodness he picks up.
  36. I expect to be praised like a 6 year old when I do any sort of housework.
  37. In heaven I will have a maid and someone who follows and picks up after me.
  38. This person will also bring me Greyhound (vodka and grapefruit juice) while I am sitting out on the veranda knitting looking at heaven's beach and ocean.
  39. As much as I hate to clean if my house is not clean it is draining on me and bothers me both emotionally and physically.
  40. My friend Tam had to convince me to take the knitting class.
  41. That was in April…it is July. I took the class thinking it would give me something to do while I was pumping..well I contracted a sick sick disease in class…(addicted personality much)
  42. I have been exclusively pumping milk for my son for 10 months now. I hope to make a year.
  43. We went to a lactation consultant weekly for his first two months.
  44. The consultant decided he had some insane suction that was 5 times more of a normal baby when he almost took off my entire nipple with a proper latch.
  45. I say I am a breastfeeding mom even though he gets the milk in a bottle now.
  46. I felt extremely guilty about it and still have moments of guilt.
  47. At the same time I am very proud that I have worked thru much adversity to give him mommy milk and not formula.
  48. My sister and I are polar opposites.
  49. I love her dearly, but I don't know if we would be friends if we were not related.
  50. That makes me very sad.
  51. Her oldest daughter looks just like me.
  52. Lil' R looks very much like her son, who also happens to look like my dad.
  53. I broke my left arm in 2 places 3 days before summer vacation in 5th grade.
  54. I was on the swim team.
  55. It took ALL summer to heal. I was so bummed. I would wrap it in cellophane and duct tape so I could swim.
  56. My dad practiced one-armed volleyball digs with me all summer. He was the coach.
  57. I can still bounce the ball by myself on one arm REALLY well.
  58. I hated volleyball.
  59. I played one year.
  60. I sucked. My dad cut me down to jr. varsity.
  61. Although I suck I can dissect the game and coach like no one's business. My sister was awesome and I always coached her. She use to tell me that all the time. Yeah little sister keeping me in line.
  62. My sister is 3.5 years younger than me.
  63. I have an 'adopted' sister named Stacy.
  64. She was my best friend. My parents took her in all through high school.
  65. We have been best friends since first grade, but rarely talk to each other. When we see each other it is like no time has ever passed.
  66. I have been to probably over 100 concerts.
  67. My favorite artist of all time is Prince, and not because I danced on stage.
  68. DH and I selected our new hometown partly on the music scene.
  69. My other best friend growing up was Lisa she had the nickname "Lunar".
  70. We were REALLY into fashion magazines.
  71. We made up a fashion company called, "Lunar Tiace'"
  72. Tiace' is supposed to be pronounced Tie-say – We thought it sounded like a French version of my nickname Stac.
  73. Yes we were dorks, but we thought we were cool.
  74. I still have a half dozen sketch books that contains drawings and notes about fashion designs we created.
  75. I have naturally curly hair.
  76. It turned curly when I went thru puberty and has stayed that way.
  77. I have no idea what my natural color is…well except some shade of brown with grey.
  78. I got grey in my early 20's and started coloring my hair.
  79. I have been on one hike in my life.
  80. To the top of Yosemite Falls where DH asked me to marry him.
  81. He said the most beautiful things, but I don't remember them.
  82. He still will not let me have the paper where he wrote it all out. Actually he typed it up.
  83. I thought that was the cutest thing ever.
  84. Before the hike I teased him that the only way he was going to get me to the top was to dangle a ring in front of me like the do with the donkey and carrot.
  85. No I did not know he was going to propose then.
  86. I had postponed the trip for 2 months. This killed him, but he acted all cool.
  87. I had deja vu about ½ ways up the mountain. I think part of me knew what was going to happen.
  88. I have never had a brown soda.
  89. When I was a kid I thought the brown color came from dirt, i.e. Rootbeer was called that because it was made from Roots hence the dirt.
  90. I drive a Prius, and LOOVE that I can drive in the carpool on the way to work.
  91. I say, "her ha" (like Nelson from the Simpsons) in the car when I pass people who were jerks to me as I got on the freeway. That happens weekly it seems…last week it was an old fat man in a Porsche that one felt good!
  92. I love Superman.
  93. My favorite TV Show is Smallville. I think Tom Welling (Clark) is so FIIIIIIINNNEEEEE.
  94. I have a thing about bald men so of course I think Lex on the show is pretty fine as well. I touched his butt at the House of Blues during an after-hours Prince show. That was fun.
  95. My ex-boyfriend was working for Prince at the time and got my girlfriend and me into the VIP balcony. I had no idea and had not spoken to him for two years when I saw him walk by and said hello. It was REALLY random.
  96. I was a vegetarian for eight years.
  97. I started fainting though from a bad diet and slowly introduced meat. I still have a VERY hard time cutting up raw meat.
  98. I am addicted to coffee and love French press coffee to be more specific.
  99. I did stand-up comedy for a bit. I learned from my comedy tape that I should not wear boat neck sweaters that are cropped.
  100. It took me about a week to come up with this many things…DH still is asking what the hell that stupid word document is for…nice.

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earthchick said...

Love your list.

Another Stacey here, stopping by for my Amazing Lace pit stop.

Congrats on being a breastfeeding mom. Pumping this long is *awesome* and you're a great mom for doing it. I'm sorry you still sometimes feel guilty. I know all about that (had bf'ing probs too) and it sucks.

Happy wedding anniversary!