Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sooo I have a problem...Knitty Intervention

Hello I am Stacy and I am a Startaholic…

I did not finish the two Speed Knitting Items. I actually put up my One Skein Book and could not find it - yes I am that ditzy! Then I forgot the last ball of yarn when I went down south for the wrap. Oh well!!! I have a TON on the needles that I decided to join a hopefully productive KAL to aide me in getting these off the needles and into the closet.

Items on the needles:
  1. Interweave Knits Bonita Top – Halfway up but I am thinking it looks hokey with the stitches so I may just frog this and start over. The yarn may be too soft for this design as well. I am so torn and so sad about this one!
  2. VK Lace Edge Cardigan – Started in May and went all the way until I got to the seaming and then it has stalled. I have to block and seam then crochet the edge. One front looks smaller than the other so have to try and fix that as well.
  3. Noni Rather Huge Carpet Bag – 2 more lines / 10 rows to go why I cannot finish this ACK it has been on the sticks since April
  4. Noni Flowers - ½ way through the flowers as well…notice a theme?
  5. Rowan Carolina – Have 15 more rows on the body then it is on to lace. I actually have not stopped this one as I love it so much!
  6. Funky Soaker for R – Need to fix my decreases and then finish these. About 60% thru.
  7. Felted R Hat – Just need to sew the brim to the hat. Don’t know where I put it.
  8. Lace Leaf Pullover – Finished the bottom portion. Waiting on needles for the top. Need to finish the sleeves and be all ready to go!!! I just started this over the weekend so this is doing well.
  9. Green Pants for R – ½ way thru the leg of one and realize I should frog and start over. This was done when I was a very new knitter.
  10. Custom Top-down Lace Sweater – I am still swatching out different laces for this one. I have the design and have been reading Barbara Walkers book…
  11. Baby Bolero – Started last week. Need to finish one sleeve and the edging. Was suppose to be for a baby shower last weekend, but will go to our other cousin who is also having a girl.
  12. Mohair Rebecca Wrap Cardigan – Started last week as well. I am ½ way thru the sleeves. This should be an easy finish, but I keep going back to Miss Carolina.

Currently on deck:

  1. Mystery Stole – I have the yarn and have swatched. Just letting it wait though as I have so many.
  2. Rowan Calmer Air – Have the yarn have not swatched.
  3. Fiery Bolero – bought the yarn and have swatched…that is all
  4. Beer Sweater – The yarn is bought but have not swatched it yet.
  5. Felted Wavy Edge Hat– The yarn is bought but have not swatched it yet.
  6. Anthropology Caplet (or some shrug) – Bought yarn that I loved last weekend. Going to see if it will work for this pattern. This may be a real quick FO and may use the chocolate manos that was intended for the Felted Wavy Edge Hat.
  7. Little R Jeans – Yarn is bought hanging out…

The ones in Pink I think I have a good chance of finishing this month. I am so pitiful this weekend my girlfriend told me that she had some amazing patterns for me but refused to share until I showed her THREE FO...OHHH MAN told you I had a problem!!


Kuky said...

Wow that is a lot of projects. But that's good. Says me with a project that is over 2 years old and unfinished. :)

Oh and the mat I got from my sister. My mom got it at a Korean store for $50. You can read her comment about it under your comment.

bradyphrenia said...

wow you sound just like me. i have major startitis as well, but i'm currently going through an atypical finishing phase. the good thing about that is that when you have 8+ projects OTN, you can end up finishing a whole lot of things at once.

Jennifer said...

I have the same problem, I want to start a million things at once! Right now I've got a sweater, a pair of socks, and Clapotis all on the needles. Plus a sweater and a poncho on the hook. ;) The knitted sweater is SO CLOSE to being finished, I really need to just get it done. But the Clap has taken over, I want to work on that one because I love the yarn so much more than the yarn of the sweater, feels better on my fingers!

Oh, and I finally friended you at LJ. I'm SO SORRY I didn't see your request earlier...I haven't checked in a while plus my friends post is the first post in the journal so I don't see it on the page....lame, I know, but I finally saw it and added you. Sorry about that!

Stitchen for Kids said...

I have the same problem!! I never even get half way done before I start another one of what I am doing in another color!! It is bad!