Monday, August 28, 2006

Recap of UFO August

(X-post to UFO August) Recap All that I had to do this month:
Interweave Knits Bonita Top – Never went back and touched this one. Still wondering...maybe a frogpond victim soon soon enough.
VK Lace Edge Cardigan – Worried about seaming I signed up for a Finishing as if that will help me finish all this knitting - but I am scared to seam so this may be the ticket.
Noni Rather Huge Carpet Bag – SHOULD go in the wash to felt tonight!
Rowan Carolina – Body is done. Did one sleeve and started over. I STILL love this beauty, but the lace is proving difficult.
Funky Soaker for R – DONE
Felted R Hat – Don’t know where I put it!!!
Lace Leaf Pullover – Waiting on needles for the top.
Green Pants for R – FROGGED
Custom Top-down Lace Sweater – STILL swatching out different laces for this one. I have the design and have been reading Barbara Walkers book…
Baby Bolero – Going to seaming class as well. I tried to backstitch the shoulders and they look like hell.
Mohair Rebecca Wrap Cardigan – HAVE NOT TOUCHED :( From my first post, "Started last week as well. I am ½ way thru the sleeves. This should be an easy finish" FAMOUS LAST WORDS!!
Currently on deck:
Mystery Stole – I have the yarn and have swatched. Just letting it wait though as I have so many.
Rowan Calmer Air – Have the yarn have not swatched.
Fiery Bolero – bought the yarn and have swatched…that is all
Beer Sweater – The yarn is bought but have not swatched it yet.
Felted Wavy Edge Hat– The yarn is bought but have not swatched it yet.
Anthropology Caplet – DONE SISTER TRIED ON!!!! WOOHOOO FO! - No seaming on that one ;)
Little R Jeans – Yarn is bought hanging out…
and one not on the list - I made R (oh by the way that is my 1-yr old boy) a vest for a wedding next weekend. I have to REDO the neck because his head is too big, but alas that WILL be another FO - I mean I have a HARD DEADLINE no nekkid kids at the wedding!

So the blue ones I will so be done - WOOHOO I hit my goal of three for the month! I will post pics when I find my freaking camera. In the middle of FO Madness we are moving across 3 states...yes I am nuts ;)

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Lynette said...

Wow, you've got a bunch on the needles. How do you find the time with a little one and all? I'm still trying to figure it out.

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day, come by any time. And hope to see you at Babetta's. Her shop is my favorite.