Friday, August 25, 2006

The Race Home

I wonder who will win...the UPS man or DH...Lets hope it is the UPS man because he is holding my pretties from anthropology that I bought on Tuesday in that Big Brown Fluffy Truck! I was hoping to wear this dress - you gotta look at it on the model to see how cute it really is...also I cannot get the darn thing to link ...sorry people! ( this weekend to lil' R's 1st birthday party down in OC.

DH JUUST CALLED - CRUD! I think he may win the race...and thus...boring old outfit for me. BOOOOO!!!

On the knit front...I signed up for a finishing class for this Tuesday. I have 4 projects sitting here ready to take to the class. I tried seaming up the baby bolero and my back stitching at the shoulders looks like crapola so I am taking the class. All UFOs are patiently waiting. I hope to have some great FOs for you soooon!!!!

Also I started and am 95% done - yeah can you believe that! - a little vest for R for the wedding B is in next weekend. So I have a HARD DEADLINE! I should be done by the time we make it to Stockton...woohooo. I did the whole thing withOUT a pattern following Barbara Walker's directions in knitting from the top. I am super stoked and I brought yarn and needles to work on my top down design I have been playing with for the past month. I gotta tell you I am looking at all patterns figuring out how to switch them to be top down in the round. That stuff is EAASY PEASY!!!

I have SO much more to share, but we are moving next weekend! FINALLY getting to Boulder!!!! After that I will have so much time to share with you lovelys! So PLEASE stay tuned...I promise this blog will develop something to Tickle you Pink!

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