Friday, September 01, 2006

Finishing Anything?

Well Tuesday night I went to my local LYS for a finishing class. I tried finishing on my one skein baby bolero and I just how it looked - at all. So I was putting off finishing the rest of my items...I know silly girl! Well last night I took the workshop and practiced on my first handknit garment my streakers shrug from Spring 06 IK. I thought it was too small to put my arm in it! BUT ALAS...IT FIT! Now don't get me wrong the puppy is snug...but fit it I am off to seaming wonder. I cannot wait to finish everything...but alas I have to until we are finished with moving hell.

Must go pack now...also must pick out the knitting I will be doing on the road ;)


JenGirlie said...

Good luck with the finishing. That's the part I dread the most too. And good luck with the move too. We just went through that three months sucks. We're just finally getting everything organized and put away and feeling at 'home.' But it's been great.

Batty said...

Yes, good luck with the finishing. When I get cocky, bad things happen. For me, the secret to success is clearly visualizing just how much time I spent knitting the garment. That way, I can force myself to slow down every time I feel like rushing the finishing process. No, I don't really want to ruin 3+ weeks of knitting to save 20 minutes. Seaming takes time, and that time is worth taking.