Monday, June 05, 2006

The True Meaning of DK

DK = Double Knit

So I have been working on lovely French Vanilla for WEEKS - WEEKS I tell you. Now...I did have to frog about 5 inches of work... because I was an IDIOT (I twisted when I joined DUH!)...that was painful, but needed and hey I am still learning right? RIGHT?? LOL Well I am about 6" up the piece now with the folded hem so it is moving along but I have 4 more diamonds up to go and I am only thru ONE of them maybe...there are FOUR FOUR I TELL YOU - Did I say FOUR! Man I am suppose to be amazing with this and finish it for the Amazing Lace, but I doubt I will be too Amazing. I just hope I can wear this THIS summer!!!! At this rate I will be done in SEPTEMBER! NOOOOO
But overall I DO like this project. It is worked in the round which I LURVE (stacese for love a lot) - I am even looking at converting other patterns into just working in the round aka w/o side fact I was thinking of doing that for this pretty:

But alas I CHICKENED OUT! I really REALLY LURVE this so I did not want to mess it up. I know I AM A FOOL, but it should be okay...I *NEED* to learn how to seam up right? So I this weekend I cast on for this to give myself a little break. This is knit in Rowan Cotton Tape and It is a rather speady knit. I am 1/2 way up the back already. Now I DID frog about 5 inches of work because I did not like how I did the increases. I was doing M1 but it called for kfb/inc which was to be done on the end of the row vs. doing 1 stitch from the end like I was. So I ripped her out and started over. I am about 6.5 inches up the back now. It is DEFINITELY a faster knit then little Miss French Vanilla.

These little lace projects are encouraging me to try some more difficult lace projects. I have a few that I am debating. I will probably go pick up some yarn tomorrow to try a pattern I saw on the crystal palace site to help prep me for a design that I will leave you with a picture:

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