Monday, November 13, 2006

Work Hours

Well we got back from Mazatlan last week and I had a jewelry show in of course I have tons to update, but first I just gotta do a little vent.

It is 4:44 and the mailwoman (I know ours is a very nice lady) is not here yet! WTF? I am expecting some yarn from CA and to hear about how my old yarn shop liked the stitchmarkers and row counters...and well I am dying to see if they came back here yet. I know I could call.

So last week I worked my arse off getting ready for the jewelry show I was in on Saturday. The show was meh, but I am used to doing larger shows in CA I think. Most the people there were lookers not buyers so that blew. I did do better than most from my informal investigations via my husband ;) but not as well as I would hope for a Saturday all day event. Well I worked so hard last week that yesterday I was just out for the count I had a total cold. This happens when I run myself too thin I have found. So today I decided to take some of my morning while R (DS) was in naptime to myself watch a scary movie and work on the grafting for miss lace leaf sweater...well I am 3/4 the way done and B (DH) says, "What are you doing? Is that work stuff or retirement activities" ummm looking around hoping the dog will start barking and dancing to distract the man. "No retirement fun stuff during work hours" so yes ladies and gentlemen I must do work stuff from 9-5 every know I fooled around a ton more when I did have a "real" job!

13 minutes until the grafting can continue :)

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