Monday, November 13, 2006

Papa has a new hat

But R sure will not let him wear it! Here is R in the new hat I made for B. When B gets back with the camera (he is out of town working for 2 days) I will have to post better pics.


I swear it was not five seconds yet! (*note we are getting new cabinets and floors so our floor is torn up...hence the classy black is lovely)

Now STOP the paparazzi!

The hat was knit in a dark green variagated Manos. It is the same yarn used to make the Little r felted hat. For B - He wanted a hat that he could wear out something that looked a bit "heady" as he said. I knew he would want it to fit into the pocket of his jacket so I made up this easy pattern with 2x2 ribbing where the decreases go up first in the purl section so not noticable then I took every third ribbing and decreased it down so it went to a point then I decreased the ones next to it so they went into a V towards the top. So the knit ribbed that was stopped is flanked by each side going together in a V. Does that make sense? Well the pics here do not explain it very well, but if there is interest I could write up a quicky pattern. It was pretty simple, but I did throw some SKP in there to make the V but nothing hard...

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Jennifer said...

Wow, little R looks so much like you! What a cutie!