Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Rock My World

Toni from The Fold ROCKS MY WORLD!!

So last Friday I ordered (well B did it is my Christmas present) a Majacraft Suzie wheel from The Fold. Toni said she would ship it out on Monday. I realized I did not give her my email and thus did not have a UPS confirmation number. So I called back today. She was not there but she called me right back. Told me that she took out my wheel to inspect it before delivery and the wheel had de-laminated. Now I knew this was a problem with the older wheels, but figured mine would be a new once...since well I just ordered it. She said she did not have any other Suzies in stock and had to order from NZ. OH NO! :( WELL she made my day by offering to me a Suzie Pro with toll (spelling) painting on it instead. So now I will be getting a Suzie Pro with pink and orange flowers painted on the outside. HOW.PERFECT!

I could not be more excited! Looking at UPS it looks like they take two days so HOPEFULLY by Friday if not Monday - WOOOHOOOOOO

Now off to do my happy dance.

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Kendra said...

I'm very jealous! I'd love to learn how to spin. I hope that your wheel arrives safely!