Monday, May 15, 2006

My First Blog Post for Knitting

So I created this on another blog before I decided to move here. I have been having issues with that blog so I have been backdating and adding points. Here is my first blog post:

My name is Stacy and this is my first post around these parts. I am a mom, wife, jewelry artist and now a knitting fiend. I thought I would use this blog in efforts to document my little progress and steps. I hope to post pics and keep track of all the goodies I make successes and failures.
I will have some personal stuff but this will be mostly about me and my playtime
Well right now I have a noni rather HUGE carpet bag, wonderwool soaker on the sticks and I JUUUST finished my streakers shrug in manos new colorway called caribe. I cannot wait to seam it up and try it on - It is my FIRST sweater! – well it is a shrug, but CLOSE ENOUGH!!!!!
Little more tidbits about me. I currently live in Norcal in temporary housing. DH and I are moving to Boulder here in the next couple of months and we are super excited. My son just turned 9 months today! We have a little white fluffy daughter named Maggie she is the sweetest puppy ever.
Well that is about it!

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