Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Answer Is....

Have I made it over to LYS for the new IK?

Have I ordered the yarn for the shirts?

Have I done ANYTHING but look at boxes and unpack?
As you may have guessed....


Well we have been under a pile of boxes in the Z household. Moving from our home into a temporary house has been a little closer for comfort that I would of imagined. I remember last week B (that would be my dear husband) echoing the phrase, "Oh the move will be easy we have most everything boxed up already" Why is it that husbands underestimate the gravity of the situation? Umm we had NOTHING boxed up except the stuff we did when we listed the house for Sale...yeah he thought the rest would be easy peasy...well he has been there until 3 am every night the past week...ummm yeah. At least it was him that was there late. I was hugging a baby to sleep for 3 hours because his sleep and schedule and everything has been screwed up!
Well after we organize this weekend I am SO.GOING.TO my LYS! I need the break. I will have to bring R (the beautiful son) because I can guarantee B will be sleeping all day.
Well at least when I start packing for Boulder maybe he will NOT call me crazy for needing a gazillion more boxes!
Sorry little knitting content...maybe I will share more!

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