Friday, May 19, 2006

I was Good and you do THIS!?!?!

So I was good and I waited and I waited...

I wait until payday Friday to go to the LYS...

I show up and...


Just my luck! They said closed for a family weekend vacation on the sign. I headed over to Barnes & Noble and picked up the magazine, now I am on the yarn hunt since I could not check out any of them there.

Conclusions on the tops I wanted to do:
  • Well the Lace Crossover Top I am not quite as excited about it now because from looking at the pattern the top of the V does not match up and that kind of bugs me, but I like a couple of sweaters in there more than I thought.
  • The lace article was really good for a newbie like me. The lifeline - after frogging my lace sleeves TWICE down to the beginning I can see how this is KEY!!!!!!!
Off to search for yarns and see about subs!
Have a great weekend everyone.

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