Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bliss in Smoke

Background info:

MIL has been in town since last is I need to say more?
Actually she is pretty nice, and loves lil R like there is no tomorrow, but alas it sucks to have someone there in a tiny house while you whip out the girls and pump if you know what I mean. Just the image you wanted today, I am sure.

Now to the story:

Well this weekend B (aka DH) is going to Boulder to see a show at Red Rocks and to check out the house. I was suppose to go with him, but it would of been a riddle with my parents coming up to watch bruiser so I said F' it. Just told him to go alone. Well last night he asks (at least he was a smart man and asked me off to the side alone first), "So do you want me to ask my mom to stay over the weekend to help you out with lil' R?" Well I would like to relax, I would like to sleep in my bed vs. the couch, I would like to leave my underwear on the floor (well for a few minutes anyways), I would like to not feel uncomfortable, but alas I will not. Do not get me wrong she is nice, but I just cannot stand ANYONE around me for that long! There is no place to escape and it is not like I can just say, "Later I'm leaving have fun sitting at the house lady!"
Hopefully she will not ask me how to make artichokes again...I mean really - they were from Trader Joes and had directions!!!
So alas...a blissful weekend...up in smoke.

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