Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday Fiber

I have a few items that were done last week and this week...unfortunately last weeks finished drying on Saturday so I could not make it for Friday Fiber over on's Spinning board. Check it out it is great eye candy. Very inspiring to say the least.

Dark Pink merino/silk 80/20 blend

Plum Corriedale Ply w/Mohair/Angelina Thread (handspun as well)

Corriedale w/Red Locks

This weeks batch taken in the snow courtesy of the blizzard we just had here in Colorado.

Chocolate Covered Cherries

I have not had a chance to wash/set the following. This is my first venture with a thinner yarn. I was going for sock weight yarn to give to my friend for Christmas...if I am going to see you in the next week DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE LADY!!!!!!!

Green Goddess

I have some FO's to show before we head out. Also took some pictures of jewelry. The snow is not quite as great for jewelry as it is for yarn...

Oh and thank you Kristi for suggesting the Yarn Museum. You can now see my yarn among many other amazing spinners in the Yarn Museum!

1 comment:

weezalana said...

OOOOOO! Great job sug! I especially love the pink silk blend, it looks so yummy!

For me?!? Squeeee! I can't wait to see it! Taking all my willpower right now not to click that link!