Friday, December 22, 2006

Jewelry in the Snow???

Well I love to take pics in the snow...I should say I love to take pics in CLEAN snow. It has such a perfect whiteness about it and sparkle all at the same time. Now I have only thus far taken pictures of yarn in the snow, but today when I was having a Friday Fiber photoshoot I thought I would try to take some pics of some new jewelry designs that I have been coming up with.

These are designs I had created these for a jewelry show I was in before Thanksgiving, and they were a great success. I call them "Simplicity" because they are a simple design with different gemstones dangling from hand hammered rings. Each piece is interchangable and you can buy the drops separate from the necklace. The chunky designs are crocheted wire. I have been doing this design for years, and it is always a great success at shows. In fact a design similar to this was selected by a magazine a while back before I started really blogging, that was very exciting. I will definitely keep people updated here and I will be posting a few on Etsy . I will be a new seller there basically selling items from what I call the "Jewelry Box" this will be an online trunk show. With little toddler I find that I cannot keep up with custom orders and will only be selling items I have already made. I think Etsy will be perfect for that, please keep your eyes open.

Here are some pics of the designs. I have found that snow is not as great for jewelry as it is for fiber, but here is a bit of eyecandy for you anyhow.

I REALLY need to have my jewelry picture studio set up here! DH and I were suppose to do that on Wednesday...ummm yeah so that did not happen. In January I will be finishing up some tutorials for a new jewelry tutorial site so this is a definite must do upon our return. Absolutely imperative. That and finishing up the cabinets. Turns out they will be put in right when we return. My father will be here to help and then he will put in the floors. I cannot even explain how happy that makes me. Honestly, I would take before pics, but I am rather embarrased about how horrid the situation is.

Speaking of Etsy: I will also start selling handspun yarn with my friend Heather. So I will definitely keep everyone updated on that adventure. Her (well now our) company for that is called Rasa which is sanscrit for "to feel". We use only non-toxic dyes and currently are starting out with Falkland wool which is absolute heaven. The sheep are treated very well and are not exposed to chemicals and such. I cannot wait for our big bump of wool to get here so we can REALLY get started.


weezalana said...

Those are GORGEOUS! I especially love the crocheted necklaces. And the interchangeable pendants are fabulous, what a great idea!

You have me in awe of your talents, as always. :)

Stitchen for Kids said...

I love the jewelry in the snow! What a great idea!

Cyndi said...

Great jewelry! I loooove the necklace in the second picture. Where can I buy one? Hopefully you'll have your Etsy store up soon! :)