Sunday, December 10, 2006

First Yarn Ever!!!!!!

Originally uploaded by Adore_One.
I am so enamoured by my new wheel!!! Here is the first skein of yarn I ever did. I was going for something chunky and funky and I think I succeeded :)

This photo I took outside on the snow, and I have not got my camera down yet after being "lost" (a.k.a. in DH's Sirius box...why - who knows ask him!) for almost 6 months with the move. I need to learn about it once again! Well I did adjust the white balance, but that was all. The colors are very true to real life now.

I would love to hear your thoughts!!

Off to figure this camera and take more pics I have a ton of FO's to capture! I will also be a part of a new jewelry tutorial website put together by eni oken in the new year. So I will be working hard taking those pics and putting the tutorials together. I will share more soon!

eta: On Kristi's suggestion I just submitted this to the Yarn Museum - Cross your fingers for me!! Thanks Kristi! :)


Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

You should submit your photo to The Yarn Museum! It looks great on that snow like that!

Kendra said...

That yarn looks gorgeous. I can't belive it is your first!

Cyndi said...

Congrats on your first yarn! It looks great. Have you tried swatching it yet?

Paper Tiger said...

It looks really good. I love the plump, lively look of handspun, and the way the colors worked is gorgeous!

Stitchen for Kids said...

Hey lady ~ I have your yarn! Call me! :)

Scoutj said...

As I told you before it's great!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful yarn, I love the way the colors work with the thick and thin, super luscious! And your wheel is gorgeous too.

weezalana said...

So very cool that you're on the Yarn Museum!

*cough* time for an update young lady *cough*