Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Kite Time
Originally uploaded by Adore_One.
Today B and I have been married 4 far we have:

Lived in 4 houses
Remodeled 2 houses 3 times (on the third time because of THE FLOOD)
Built a pool
Built 3 businesses
Had a little boy
Visited the Caribbean Thrice
Moved 3 Times

And had a blast!

Wow babe happy anniversary. Love You!

And as I do every anniversary I went back to look at my wedding collage. Even though my photographer is not doing weddings anymore I REALLY hope he does NOT take these down.


Betty said...

wow, gary fong shot your wedding!

-ana karina

Stacy Z said...

Yes I think I was one of his last weddings by looking at his collages. I absolutely adore this collage and the wedding. I think Gary is one of the ones who has inspired me to go down this new path of mine. Can I ask what your blog is? I tried to go find it but could not.

Judy said...

Your pictures are just wonderful. You have accomplished alot in 4 years. Stay happy.

Betty said...

here's my blog:
I haven't updated in a while though, but it was originally meant as a sort of photo blog.

Cathi said...

Happy anniversary!

And I think I saw you at the Ani concert- I thought it was you, but I always feel weird about approaching people that I recognize from the internet. :) Did you have a good time?

Sarah said...

Happy anniversary!!!