Tuesday, August 14, 2007


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In other news right now they are cleaning our carpets from the mess they made and h2o damage and Gary is putting in the basement. We have to paint the basement and kitchen and family room today - This weekend is a party here to celebrate R's second b-day and our house FINALLY a home - hopefully. So I have been balls to the walls for the last 6 days...

Also - www.stacyzphotography.blogspot.com is live!!! If you live in Denver and want a photoshoot let me know. I need to build my portfolio more and I would love to work with you!


toodaloo my kangaroos.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Well Hello

Well Hello
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I have been working like crazy the last few weeks. I hope to have my new site www.stacyzphotography.com up in the next couple of weeks.

Oh so did you figure it out yet? I think that hint was pretty much telling you ;)

I also started a photography journal. I gotta be honest I debated going with typepad, squarespace, mac or wordpress. I even tried to create a blog in all but the wordpress (mental note cancel typepad) but in the end I decided to stay with a format I semi know so here we go: http://stacyzphotography.blogspot.com/

Please stop by and say hello!!!

Side note on the house - we got floors last week. I swear I wanted to roll around nekkid on them...remember I had no floors and they were awful and dusty so these wood floors that I can keep clean are fantasmic!! But have the construction guys been out to finish the rest? Umm no totally just did not show on Thursday and then called Friday at 1 to say they did not think they would make it. I mean come on people!!!! I wonder if I can figure out how to write a contract that says every day they do not show $60 gets taken off the final bill. I could have been able to get this house built for free!!!