Thursday, March 13, 2008

What being a mommy is about... (no knitting sorry!)

Today R melted my heart like no other. You see as I was leaving for work I peaked in on him and he was just waking up. So I put my coffee cup down on the dresser, put my shoes down and BAM have no idea how but coffee cup fell off the dresser and straight to the floor...white carpet and all..okay beige but it is still light as hell. I screamed, cried, got towels and cleaner. B came in and knew this time I was too upset to say his usually "funny" line, "Well why did you do that?" and just helped me clean it up. R was still in the crib saying, "Mommy is sad. Mommys sad. Big Mess." Oh yes it was a mess and this weekend we have to rent a carpet cleaner...

So after cleaning it up as much as I could I was now late for work so I ran down the stairs to put my shoes and socks on. As I was putting my socks on R came over and gave me a hug then a big peck right on the lips. You see this is big in the house I go to give R a kiss bye and he puts his head there so I only get the top and his hair! I say, "no mommy wants lips" and move his face to give him a peck there. Today he came over and gave me the kiss moving my face because I was upset. It was too sweet. Melted my heart.

It did not end there...then in all his cuteness. I was in the car tried to start it only to realize I left the keys on the stairs. As I was getting out of the car R was opening the door to the garage keys in hand. "Mommy your keys". I thought B sent him on his way to do that, but he had little cookie saw those there and ran after me. Too sweet.

Of course after I got the keys I asked for a kiss goodbye and I got hair...sweet sweet hair it was.

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Anonymous said...

Totally got me. *sniff sniff* They can be so sensitive sometimes. J understands that I can't cuddle with him right now and so he crawls up in bed with me and holds my hand.