Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So after being smacked upside the head from multiple people. Having friends say do you still knit...I decided I sure as hell better post.

I know I am such a loser I cannot believe it has been six months...well I could give you an update but that would break the freaking page. Instead I thought I would put up items for accountability. I have the following that are so close to finishing. The perfectionist in me is not finishing them for fear of failure. Whoa that felt good to just get it out there. This list have some pretty big projects that are super close to being done. Many have been on the needles for a year...some for a few months. Next to each name is what needs to be done for it to be a FO, besides the basic blocking and blogging. As you can see this little old neglected blog may be becoming a bit of a slut here in the next month with all the action she'll be getting. My blog is almost hitting two years and I think I need to start getting PRIZES here. Help a girl out with her stash and share it along.

My list:
Carolina - lace edging kicking my ass. Seriously this scares the crap out of me. I have done one sleeve 4 times.
VK Shrug - seam up and crochet the front edge. I am worried about the size so I have let it sit there.
Mohair FK - finish second tie. It is just so boring. It has been on the needles for a year now and sitting at this point for 10 months...startitis anyone?
Karate - collar - yup all is done and just need the collar. I think this will be tonights project.
Skating - frog make longer. I am up to the top, but really I want it longer so I will rip back to under the arms and make it longer. I really like this version.
BTS FK - Finish back - front is done and started the back last night. I love this stitch pattern on top it is totally helping me from getting bored.

When I have one done I will be starting the new Veronik Avery scarf on Knitty tonight. Have a travel bag for it and two yarn options. I really love the idea of having a project to travel everything I have is just too large to knit outside of the house.

I also in the past 6 mo finish 2 scarves, and two pairs of socks...and have been starting enough ;) I just need to take pictures. You would never guess that I started a business about 6 months ago would you?

Oh and I am NOW on Ravelry - Come say hi!!!!!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you need to become a Knit Warrior! You get points for finishing stuff like that. Yay Ravelry!

Mary-Kay said...

I'm so glad you are back! Wow! Six months. You sound like me with all your unfinished knitting. I'm laying in bed here with my foot up, and I'm having a serious case of Startitis. I cast on last night for the Knitty Scarf you talked about. It's an easy knit, but it's going to take awhile! Miss you!

stacyZ said...

amy - I KNOW!!! maybe I will give myself a medal ;)

mary-kay - I casted on last night as well. I must come down and see you I totally miss you! We still have to do the pics too :)