Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Rock My World

Toni from The Fold ROCKS MY WORLD!!

So last Friday I ordered (well B did it is my Christmas present) a Majacraft Suzie wheel from The Fold. Toni said she would ship it out on Monday. I realized I did not give her my email and thus did not have a UPS confirmation number. So I called back today. She was not there but she called me right back. Told me that she took out my wheel to inspect it before delivery and the wheel had de-laminated. Now I knew this was a problem with the older wheels, but figured mine would be a new once...since well I just ordered it. She said she did not have any other Suzies in stock and had to order from NZ. OH NO! :( WELL she made my day by offering to me a Suzie Pro with toll (spelling) painting on it instead. So now I will be getting a Suzie Pro with pink and orange flowers painted on the outside. HOW.PERFECT!

I could not be more excited! Looking at UPS it looks like they take two days so HOPEFULLY by Friday if not Monday - WOOOHOOOOOO

Now off to do my happy dance.

Road To Hell

Is paved with good intentions....

Yesterday before all the snow here I took pics of me in the Manos I open up those pictures and it looks like I am leaning back sticking out my muffin top in EVERY freaking picture! Not to mention my husband...bless his heart is a HORRIBLE knit photographer...needless to say. No pics. I think I may go get some good ones in the snow...tripod and timer maybe?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

When the Cat's Away

The mouse will play.

B is working out of town and will not get home until almost 3 AM! So I have been playing a bit. I finished lace leaf AND mary jane today...BUT HE HAS THE CAMERA!! BOOOO!!!!!!!

Well I have been working a bit have done a GAZILLION loads of laundry. I put R down for an afternoon nap at 4:30 and he was ticked - but so needed it! The little guy is STILL asleep - I think he may sleep through the night! Now that I said that he will wake up in 10 minutes!

Well I did this little meme for fun...hmmm I don't know as a native California girl who has transplanted to the Front Range...hmmm I don't know - but it does say I should have my own TV or Radio show - heck yeah I should!! Well that is how I interpret that ;)

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Midland

"You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don't have an accent." You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio.

The West
The Inland North
North Central
The Northeast
The South
What American accent do you have?
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In other good news I sent some stitch markers to my old LYS in Fair Oaks/Sacramento. I told them to just send me back the ones they did not want with the yarn I had on order (I had a $25 credit how could I NOT get yarn before I left!?!? - it was a yarn for a spring knit so you will not be seeing it too soon!) well THEY TOOK THEM ALL!!! Also had a note that they are hoping to order more soon! How rad is that!?!? I am thrilled. I need to go work on my jewelry site some more. I have one picture from the show last saturday but I had quite a muffin top with the jeans. I SWEAR I need to stand up straight because everytime I looked in the mirror I DID.NOT.HAVE that muffin top!!! But here you go you can see my booth. I think I will be removing the black tray at the next show and stick with white. I also am getting a steamer for next time!

I'm Gettin' Some Swag!!!!!!

Lookie what is on its way to MEEEEEEE!!!!

I see this as matching funky hats for B and R actually. It will be my first time with multi-colored roving so I am super excited to try it out!

I also got a license plate cover and SSK magnet - figured what the hell.

Lace Leaf is OFFICIALLY DONE! She is soaking right now ready for me to bring the towels down to the basement and block her! YAY my first REAL sweater is done!!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Papa has a new hat

But R sure will not let him wear it! Here is R in the new hat I made for B. When B gets back with the camera (he is out of town working for 2 days) I will have to post better pics.


I swear it was not five seconds yet! (*note we are getting new cabinets and floors so our floor is torn up...hence the classy black is lovely)

Now STOP the paparazzi!

The hat was knit in a dark green variagated Manos. It is the same yarn used to make the Little r felted hat. For B - He wanted a hat that he could wear out something that looked a bit "heady" as he said. I knew he would want it to fit into the pocket of his jacket so I made up this easy pattern with 2x2 ribbing where the decreases go up first in the purl section so not noticable then I took every third ribbing and decreased it down so it went to a point then I decreased the ones next to it so they went into a V towards the top. So the knit ribbed that was stopped is flanked by each side going together in a V. Does that make sense? Well the pics here do not explain it very well, but if there is interest I could write up a quicky pattern. It was pretty simple, but I did throw some SKP in there to make the V but nothing hard...

Work Hours

Well we got back from Mazatlan last week and I had a jewelry show in of course I have tons to update, but first I just gotta do a little vent.

It is 4:44 and the mailwoman (I know ours is a very nice lady) is not here yet! WTF? I am expecting some yarn from CA and to hear about how my old yarn shop liked the stitchmarkers and row counters...and well I am dying to see if they came back here yet. I know I could call.

So last week I worked my arse off getting ready for the jewelry show I was in on Saturday. The show was meh, but I am used to doing larger shows in CA I think. Most the people there were lookers not buyers so that blew. I did do better than most from my informal investigations via my husband ;) but not as well as I would hope for a Saturday all day event. Well I worked so hard last week that yesterday I was just out for the count I had a total cold. This happens when I run myself too thin I have found. So today I decided to take some of my morning while R (DS) was in naptime to myself watch a scary movie and work on the grafting for miss lace leaf sweater...well I am 3/4 the way done and B (DH) says, "What are you doing? Is that work stuff or retirement activities" ummm looking around hoping the dog will start barking and dancing to distract the man. "No retirement fun stuff during work hours" so yes ladies and gentlemen I must do work stuff from 9-5 every know I fooled around a ton more when I did have a "real" job!

13 minutes until the grafting can continue :)